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Gold Cycles vs Property Cycles in 2020: When Will Gold Reach Peak Valuation?

Gold Cycles vs Property Cycles: When Will Gold Reach Peak Valuation?

The concept of long term cycles and how history at least rhymes, if not repeats, is a topic we find really interesting. If somewhat hard to explain exactly why these cycles repeat. In 2017 we contemplated whether the new NZ government policies would cause a house price crash. And also whether NZ house prices had […]

NZ Housing to Silver Ratio 1968 – 2019 – Measuring NZ House Prices in Silver

The housing to silver ratio shows that when priced in silver, New Zealand median house prices have fallen 28% since 2003. But you’ll see how history shows you could potentially buy a median priced house in New Zealand for $33,624… You may have read our article on the NZ housing to gold ratio. We outlined […]

NZ Housing to Gold Ratio 1962 – 2019: Measuring House Prices in Gold‎

NZ Housing to Gold Ratio: Measuring House Prices in Gold‎

The housing to gold ratio shows that when priced in Gold, NZ median house prices have fallen 47% since 2005. See how history shows NZ house prices could fall 80% further yet… There’s always plenty of discussion in the mainstream media about where house prices are going. Given New Zealanders predilection for property it’s no […]

Rickards: The Lucky Country is Out of Luck – How About New Zealand?

Yesterday Jim Rickards wrote in the Daily Reckoning Australia that Australia (the lucky country) is out of luck. The Lucky Country is Out of Luck He explained how Australia hasn’t had a recession since 1991! But how this could be about to change. The resources boom and house prices are what has driven the Australian […]

New Zealand in the News Around the World – For All the Wrong Reasons


It’s interesting to read outsiders perspectives of what’s happening in New Zealand. The land of the long white cloud got a mention over recent months on various websites. The comments didn’t really fit under a particular heading. So we’ve just lumped them together here under the title “New Zealand in the News Around the World”. […]

What to Do With Your Money When Doom Awaits – Asset Allocation

Here in New Zealand, real estate is the heavily most favoured investment class. Pretty much to the exclusion of everything else for the vast majority of the country we’d imagine. But there are many other assets to consider owning that serve different purposes. Below Dan Denning (who we’ve heard speak well at the Sydney Gold Symposium a […]

You’re Just Not Prepared For What’s Coming

Chris Martenson discusses the current “central bank bubble” and how it has inflated just about everything upon the planet. Plus how most people are horribly unprepared for when this man made balloon eventually returns back to earth…   You’re Just Not Prepared For What’s Coming By Chris Martenson First published at: PeakProsperity.com I hate to […]

Where To Invest When (Almost) Everything’s in a Bubble

Currently we have most share markets around the world at record highs. The NZX (New Zealand Stock Exchange ) is no exception. As are house prices in many places at or near record highs: New Zealand, Australia and Canada just to name a few. On top of these we have record low interest rates which […]

A House Price Crash Caused By the New NZ Government Policies?

A House Price Crash Caused By The New NZ Government Policies?

The announced policies from the new Labour/NZ First/Greens Coalition have caused a lot of discussion around how the housing market here will be affected. A NZ house price crash has even been discussed overseas. Martin Armstrong has done some really interesting work on large cycles and how we humans often repeat the same mistakes. He […]

Is the RBNZ Aiming to Cause a Property Crash?

Is the RBNZ Aiming to Cause a Property Crash?

Last week we tried to answer the question Could a Capital Gains Tax on Property Increase Investment in Gold & Silver in NZ? This came about as a result of the Labour party discussing changes to the tax system. But there is also another change relating to property that has been talked about recently. The […]

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