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Darryl Schoon gives his take on what the Fed has really been aiming for in its money printing programme. It’s not unemployment or financial stability or even inflation targeting. He also looks at where things might be heading and there’s a couple of shortish videos towards the end that are worth a look too, particularly […]

Demographics Mean a Housing Crash for Aussie (and NZ)

Gold Survival Gold Article Updates: Feb. 27, 2014 This Week: Exit Strategies For When the Time Comes to Sell Gold and Silver Demographics Mean a Housing Crash for Aussie (and NZ) Newstopia explains the Reserve Bank G20: Can we fix it? Yes we can!   Overnight it seems we have begun the correction in gold […]

Zombies Make Dangerous Neighbours

Do you know what caused US stock markets to begin rise in 2009? If you’re unfamiliar with the change in accounting laws that occurred then, this article is a must read. It shows how the cracks have merely been papered over…   Zombies Make Dangerous Neighbors By Doug French, Contributing Editor On March 16, 2009, […]

Gold Symposium 2013: Australia “The Lucky Country?”

A summary of remarks by Jordan Eliseo – ABC Bullion Chief Economist While Jordan Eliseo’s (Chief Economist for ABC Bullion) presentation from the 2013 Gold Symposium in Sydney specifically looked at Australia and what might be in store for it, we thought it was well worth sharing with you. Given that Australia remains New Zealand’s largest […]

Housing Un-affordability: It’s Not Supply, It’s the Debt Stupid!

The topic du jour in the media this week has been housing affordability or rather unaffordability in New Zealand and especially Auckland. So we couldn’t resist but throw our 2 cents worth into the mix. In case you’d missed it the government has announced they will work to make more land available in Auckland and […]

When will the Australian housing bubble burst

We know we’re not part of Australia – even if the rest of the world doesn’t – but we’ve posted this article under the “New Zealand Articles” heading, as where the Aussie housing market goes generally so does ours.  It also discusses the NZ housing market in terms of affordability or rather it’s unaffordability.  NZ may […]