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Some Reflexions on History and Economics

Here’s the latest from our favourite Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price. You may not agree with all his conservative “old school” values. But he is a student of history and we often learn something new from his writings. You are almost certain to learn something new in this piece on economic and monetary history…   Nicolas […]

Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be…

Hugo Salinas Price does a good job of explaining the important and little known concept of “declining marginal utility” and how this relates to gold. He goes on to conclude that “humanity is no longer in contact with the realities of the physical world: rational human activity is disconnected from those realities, by the false […]

Hugo Salinas Price: Prospects for Gold II

In Part 2, Hugo Salinas Price gets into the specific calculation of how high gold will have to rise if indeed China do implement a oil futures contract that is convertible into physical gold…. Check out part 1 here first if you haven’t read that yet: Prospects for Gold if China Issues Oil Futures Backed by […]

How a Silver Coin Could Circulate Today and Protect Citizens Purchasing Power

A few articles in one today. But all related to the topic of how a silver coin could be put back into circulation. First up, see what happened to Mexican silver coins that had a currency value that quickly was overtaken by depreciation of the peso. How the coins were melted into bullion for sale […]

Silver and the Great Future of Mexico

The latest from our “favourite billionaire” Hugo Salinas Price is a speech he recently delivered to the Russian Embassy in Mexico. He delves into his plan for a particular type of silver coin that Mexico should produce and how it would be in great demand if they did. The really interesting thing is that he […]

The Further Decline in International Reserves

We first featured this concept of Hugo Salinas Price’s declining international reserves back in 2013. Check that link for a more in depth explanation. This article follows on from Salinas Price’s previous article we posted earlier this week “Trump’s Ignorance”  which outlines the problems that Trump’s trade policies are likely to cause not just in […]

Mechanical ‘Economics’

Mechanical 'Economics'

Our favourite billionaire Hugo Salinas Price is back with a run down on all that is wrong with main stream economics. As always he puts his point across in an easy to understand manner showing what is wrong with using the definite principles of physics in trying to explain human action in economics…   Mechanical […]

Hugo Salinas Price – Gold Repriced at End of Contraction Phase


Why is Hugo Salinas Price our “favourite billionaire”? Because he is someone who has pushed, and continues to do so, for a change that will impact vastly more people for the better than the likes of Bill Gates who espouses population control and vaccines for third world nations. Or unlike Warren Buffet who is openly […]

The Coming New Barbarism

The Coming New Barbarism

Here’s the latest from our favourite billionaire – Hugo Salinas Price. He looks at how the massive global debt burden will be addressed and what the outcome of this will be for society. He paints a somewhat gloomy picture but (not surprisingly for the head of the Mexican Civic Association Pro Silver ) has an answer to offer […]