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SDR Bonds Sold in China – Will the Dollar Live to Die Another Day?

Last week as part of an article we discussed Jim Rickards theory as to how the changes to the global monetary system may play out. This week Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser discussed the recent issuance of IMF Special Drawing Right (SDR) bonds for the first time in 35 years sold to Chinese Investors. They […]

Will Gold Holders be Vilified?

Max Keiser Interviews John Kim Of SmartknowledgeU.com About The Latest In The Gold Market We’ve featured John Kim in these pages many times over the years. He was recently on the Keiser Report commenting on the gold market. As is often the case you have to put up with Keiser’s very wordy interviewing style where […]

Sandeep Jaitly: Why the USA is Selling China Its Gold

The always interesting Sandeep Jaitly was on the Keiser Report today. The interview begins at 12:15. Sandeep discussed with Max a multitude of topics including: Why Sandeep thinks a reported potential increase in China's gold reserves from 1,100 tonnes to 2700 tonnes is a good move. Why is the USA selling China it's gold? And [...]

Jim Rickards: Why Central Bankers Care a Lot About Gold

Jim Rickards is worth listening to. Given he is somewhat of an “insider”, we get an inclination as to where things are heading in terms of the global monetary system. While the Jim Rickards interview starts at 12:27, it is worth listening to the first half of the program where Stacey and Max discuss the […]