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War on Cash: Implications for New Zealand

We’ve written and shared multiple articles on the topic of the War on Cash over the past couple of years. Here’s a bunch of them if you need some background: https://goldsurvivalguide.co.nz/tag/war-on-cash/ War on Cash: The Bazookas Arrive This war on cash has certainly heated up over the past couple of weeks. First the Indian government […]

Questions From Readers: Precious Metals & Kiwisaver, BoomBust Cycle, Gold & Silver Exit Strategies

We’ve had a bit of an influx of questions from readers lately. Some we’ve had and answered previously and some not. Here’s a selection of them from this week…   Kiwisaver Precious Metals Options? “Query: Is there an option to move a Kiwisaver investment to Gold and Silver options?” Thanks for your question. We’re pretty […]

How Much Physical Paper Money is in Circulation in NZ vs Total Bank Deposits?


Bank runs might seem like a far fetched possibility, both in the USA and here in New Zealand. But the below article shows just how little physical paper currency there is available in the USA compared to the total dollars in US cheque and savings accounts. It inspired us to have bit of a dig around […]

A Precious Metals Correction Must Come Now? Mustn’t It?

Gold and silver have both moved sharply higher this year. So many people are thinking “we must see a decent sized precious metals correction now after such a big move higher”. Surely this makes sense right? Well, we have a few thoughts on why it just might not be as clear cut as this… Gold […]

NZ Dollar Outlook + Impact on NZ Gold & Silver Prices

NZ Dollar Outlook + Impact on NZ Gold & Silver Prices

Last October we wondered whether we had seen a trend change with the US Dollar starting to weaken. Or rather for us here in New Zealand, the Kiwi Dollar starting to strengthen. We thought it was time to check back in on this theory as it indeed seems to have been the case. Below is […]

Whoever Does Not Respect the Penny is Not Worthy of the Dollar


One premise of the following article is that in the USA the penny or 1 cent piece actually costs more to make than its value of 1 cent. But that the US government hasn’t removed it from circulation as this is an admission of the declining value of the US currency. Well it seems the […]

Capital Controls Are Coming

Capital Controls Are Coming

The idea of capital controls in New Zealand may seem far fetched to most. However maybe not? Even the NZ Treasury website features the abstract of a guest lecture from 2012 by an Associate Professor from Wellington’s Victoria University Business School headed:  Capital Controls: Should they be part of the NZ Toolkit? – Assoc. Prof Ilan […]

Gold & Silver in NZ Dollars: 2015 in Review & Our Guess For 2016


With another year gone it’s time for our annual year in review, looking at how gold and silver in NZ Dollars performed during the calendar year. Also a chance to look at our predictions (or what we prefer to call guesses!) from last year and see how we did. We do this every year – even […]

US$ Gold Dips to New Low – Now What?

US$ Gold Dips to New Low - Now What?

Overnight Tuesday, gold in US dollars closed below the July low of $1080. It dipped to a low of $1065.60 by late morning New York time before closing higher on $1069.30 for a daily decline of around $15 per ounce. You can see in the chart below this is a clear break below the July lows. […]

Update on Rising Silver Premiums in New Zealand

Update on Rising Silver Premiums in New Zealand

3 weeks ago we reported: “Yesterday one of our suppliers of locally refined NZ silver advised us they would be raising their prices for silver bullion as of this Monday. Silver Demand Rises – So Do NZ Silver Prices on Monday 20 July They advised that there’s been an increase in Silver demand globally and […]

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