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How Much Gold Does the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Have in 2022?


We’ve had the odd query from other New Zealanders asking, “how much gold does the Reserve ‎Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) actually have?”. Our guess is people are probably asking because since the financial crisis net gold purchases by global central banks have switched from negative (i.e. they were selling), to positive (i.e. they are […]

Why New Zealand Won’t Have Any Say in a Global Currency Reset

Why New Zealand Won’t Have Any Say in a Global Currency Reset

We’ve spilled plenty of digital ink in these pages discussing the possibility, or maybe we should say the inevitability, of a change in the global monetary system. Perhaps in the form of a currency reset. Here’s more on how that might play out. If the US Dollar Was Again Linked to Gold, How Would This […]

Bank Failure | Could it Happen in NZ? | The Reserve Bank Thinks So

Could a Bank Failure happen in NZ

Back in 2011 we were reading a Zero Hedge article with the rather long headline: “Futures Plunge As Fed Discloses New Stress Test: Fears US Banks Will Need To Raise Tens Of Billions In New Capital”. This article outlined how the US Federal Reserve was intending to stress test 6 large US banks against a […]

Why the RBNZ is Wrong About Money

“The Reserve Bank plays an important role in the functioning of money. It provides the country’s notes and coins and works to keep prices stable. It also promotes, through regulation, the soundness of the institutions where people keep their money (like banks and many finance companies) and the soundness of the payments systems sitting behind […]

RBNZ Jawboning But May Follow Through

  Gold Survival Gold Article Updates: June 5, 2013 This Week: RBNZ Jawboning But May Follow Through Turning Israeli, I Really Think So Debt Ceiling: Forgotten But Not Gone   Gold and silver have looked a bit stronger this week, perhaps not surprisingly given, as reported last week,  the record short positions by speculators and […]

Bank Failures: Will New Zealand be Cyprussed?


Unless you’ve been under a rock (or without broadband and TV for 3 days like me!) you will have no doubt heard about the “bail in” of banks via bank depositors in the small island nation of Cyprus. The proposal (which has since been voted down) was to tax – a.k.a. steal funds – up […]

What’s Wrong With the RBNZ’s Bank Failure Plans?

What happens if a bank fails in New Zealand? If your bank failed tomorrow, what would happen? Who knows is the current answer. If it was a small bank the government may leave it to the statutory managers and so depositors might get wiped out completely if the bank was devoid of assets. But, if […]

Why the Greens Are Wrong About Money Printing

Everyone Else is Printing Why Shouldn’t We? You’ve no doubt heard the Greens theory announced this week that the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) should print money to buy $2 billion dollars worth of Canterbury reconstruction bonds and overseas assets. Their theory being we will restock the Governments Disaster Fund and lower the NZD […]