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2018-2019 Pop Goes the Bubble


Darryl Schoon outlines why he believes the asset bubble inflated since 2008 started to pop at the end of 2018. He also briefly explains a new venture he is involved in with. A gold and silver streaming company, that importantly (and unlike other streaming companies) will hold onto the bullion it receives until after the […]

Sandeep Jaitly: Why the USA is Selling China Its Gold

The always interesting Sandeep Jaitly was on the Keiser Report today. The interview begins at 12:15. Sandeep discussed with Max a multitude of topics including: Why Sandeep thinks a reported potential increase in China's gold reserves from 1,100 tonnes to 2700 tonnes is a good move. Why is the USA selling China it's gold? And [...]

Sandeep Jaitly Discusses GOFO and Backwardation


As discussed in our recent article (Gold Backwardation and Negative GOFO – What does it all mean?) these 2 terms, GOFO and backwardation, were hardly mentioned just 6 months ago but are now popping up all over the place. There has been plenty of debate, not just as to how significant or otherwise this is, […]