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Choosing Between PAMP Suisse Gold & Silver vs Local NZ Gold & Silver Bars: Video

We’ve written about this topic previously as it is a common question people have. How to choose between the local New Zealand silver bars and New Zealand gold bars on offer and imported Suisse PAMP gold bars and PAMP silver bars? But for those people that prefer to watch and listen rather than read, we’ve […]

Is Demand For Physical Gold Really Collapsing? Our Take…

Simon Black of SovereignMan.com had what turned out to be some controversial thoughts on physical gold demand this week. We’ll reprint his article below. We’ll then include a response from Dave Kranzler at investmentresearchdynamics.com who disagrees with much of Simon Blacks assertions. Then finally we chip in with our 2 cents worth on precious metals demand from […]

Good News? Hedge Funds Betting Against Silver Reaches Record High

Gold Survival Gold Article Updates: Jun 11, 2014 This Week: Hedge Funds Betting Against Silver Reaches Record High: Good News? 8 Should Ask Questions Before You Buy a Safe to Store Gold & Silver Negative interest rate policy by the European Central Bank Could Interest rates stay low longer than most imagine?   A review […]

Privacy: Are purchases of gold and silver in NZ reported?

Gold Survival Gold Article Updates: March 6,2014 This Week: NZ dollar looking toppy? Bigger news than the Ukraine situation? Privacy: Do purchases of gold and silver in NZ have to be reported?   Looking first at prices and charts… NZD gold is down $11.15 per ounce from a week ago or 0.70% to $1591. It […]

Insider Trading | You Can not Regulate Uncertainty

One of the few emails we read every week without fail is Conversations with Casey.  The below is taken from the most recent “Conversation”.  And while it’s not specifically on precious metals (although does feature regularly), I’d highly recommend signing up for the free weekly email if you like to be exposed to new ideas […]

How to Make or Lose a Fortune in Junior Exploration Stocks

You may have noticed that with the price of gold rising, junior gold mining stocks having risen dramatically in the past month or so.  Some are up as much as 100% in that time!  If you’ve been thinking of dipping your toes in this sector then read on for some great thoughts as to how […]