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Why the Resource Supercycle Is Still Intact

Rick Rule reviews a number of factors that are the drivers of the natural resource cycle and why they mean the current cycle is still on the up. He then outlines where to consider investing if the bull market cycle still has a way to run yet… Why the Resource Supercycle Is Still Intact By […]

The Greatest Opportunity in 30 Years

We knew gold and silver stocks were undervalued compared to the metals themselves. But the below charts show just how extreme this has become. It may indeed take some intestinal fortitude but it seems there is a buying opportunity presenting itself…   The Greatest Opportunity in 30 Years By Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst I […]

What NOT to Do When Investing in Miners

Investing in miners: What not to do

Whether you have invested in gold and silver mining companies in the past or are thinking about it now, here is some great advice on a methodology to use in choosing which companies to buy into or which to hold onto if you already have some. It will help you avoid following the herd and […]

Casey’s Louis James Warns: “Don’t Try to Time the Market”


Gold and silver mining shares have been tearing northwards over the past couple of weeks. And after the massive fall they have all had in the past year or two they have plenty of ground to make up! In this interview Louis James offers some insight into a number of off the beaten track locations he […]

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