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What Does Gold Spot Price (Or Silver Spot Price) Mean?


What Does the Gold Spot Price (or Silver Spot Price) Mean? In simple terms the gold spot price (or silver spot price) means the price for delivery of a commodity like gold or silver, right now. The gold spot price relates to the price for 1 troy ounce of gold (or 1 troy ounce of silver for […]

Silver or Gold? Which Should You Buy?

Gold Or Silver? Which to Buy?

One of the most common questions we get is “should I buy Silver or Gold?”. There is no hard and fast answer and no right or wrong answer since no one knows what the future holds. However there are pros and cons to both. In the below video you’ll hear from Mike Maloney. Author of […]

Good News? Hedge Funds Betting Against Silver Reaches Record High

Gold Survival Gold Article Updates: Jun 11, 2014 This Week: Hedge Funds Betting Against Silver Reaches Record High: Good News? 8 Should Ask Questions Before You Buy a Safe to Store Gold & Silver Negative interest rate policy by the European Central Bank Could Interest rates stay low longer than most imagine?   A review […]

Bank Bail-Ins Going Global

Gold Survival Gold Article Updates: Apr. 10, 2014 This Week: NZ Government Deficit May be Bigger Than Expected Bank Bail-Ins Going Global Reader Question on Gold and Silver and Airport Customs  Rather a quiet news week this one in the world of precious metals it seems. Can’t say we’ve come across anything too earth shattering […]

A Thousand Pictures Is Worth One Word

Say the word hyperinflation and possibly a couple of countries spring to mind, maybe Zimbabwe, and Germany in the 20’s.  But there are some astounding graphics below showing just how many paper currencies have reverted to their inherent value.  And surprisingly many of them occurred in living memory but are just not that well remembered… […]