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Silver: 10 Reasons to BUY Lots! (Bix Weir)

Bix Weir believes that due to severely dwindling supplies of physical silver, in the early 1990’s, 2.75 billion ounces of silver was taken from a stockpile that was for use on the Manhatten project. Bix calculates that this might be close to being “used up”. And so silver could be closed to finally breaking free. […]

Big Changes in the Silver Market This Week

There have been a number of mostly under the radar developments in the silver market over the past few days. There are a couple of videos worth watching plus a couple of articles that are worth reading as well. We’ve summarized them below. The bottom line seems to be that the shackles are slowly being […]

Why Did COMEX Silver Derivatives Increase 41% in 2016?

In the video below Bix Weir wonders why, with the total mined silver production in 2016 going down by 33 Million ounces (or 3%), did the total amount of COMEX futures and options contracts increase by 41%? Weir outlines what the level of actual global hedging required would be and what the discrepancy is between […]

Gold & Silver in NZ Dollars: 2016 in Review & Our Guess For 2017

2016 was an eventful year with the “surprise” results of Brexit and the US presidential elections. So with 2016’s end it’s time for our review of gold and silver performance in NZ Dollars during the calendar year. Plus a look back at our predictions from a year ago as well. After all there is no […]

Inevitable Physical Silver Shortage & $100 Break to Price Manipulation

GATA’s Bill Murphy is interviewed on Crush the Street. In this short but content crammed interview they cover: *How long term interest rates have risen without the Fed actually raising rates. *How the big banks that control the Fed might actually want a rate hike right now. *How silver is the “achilles heel” of gold […]

Silver Market Update: Despite Downturn, Silver Market Looks Positive

Following on from the gold article posted earlier today: Gold Market Update: “Going Off the Rails”, this is a corresponding article on silver’s current technical indicators. The recent pullback may have already been enough to set silver up for further gains…   Silver Market Update: Despite Downturn, Silver Market Looks Positive Originally published September 5th, 2016 in […]

Silver – Once and Future Money

A common question: silver or gold? Our answer is usually an “and” rather than an “or”.  You’ve likely heard Jim Rickards view that gold will reach US$10,000 or more eventually in this cycle. But we haven’t often heard him discussing “poor mans gold” very often.  He recently said: “I rarely discuss silver. Some assume I dislike […]

The Silver Ruble Coin for Russia

Our preferred monetary system is one chosen “by the people”. We’ve discussed this numerous times such as here. But we highly doubt this will be voluntarily allowed by the powers that be. Not without some kind of collapse of the status quo.   Hugo Salinas Price has an idea about how the current monetary system may […]

A Precious Metals Correction Must Come Now? Mustn’t It?

Gold and silver have both moved sharply higher this year. So many people are thinking “we must see a decent sized precious metals correction now after such a big move higher”. Surely this makes sense right? Well, we have a few thoughts on why it just might not be as clear cut as this… Gold […]

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