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Awesome Silver & USD Alarm Bell

Stewart Thomson lays out why any further rise in interest rates will surprise everyone and be gold positive. Plus his thoughts on inflation and silver and the likelihood of a gold revaluation… Stewart Thomson | Tuesday, April 5th Graceland Updates I’ve strongly stated that in the short and intermediate term, the most important price driver of gold […]

Doug Casey Reveals How to Profit from Government Stupidity


Indeed you can count on government to generally make things worse. It pays to hedge against the current system of government. Read on to see why and how… Doug Casey Reveals How to Profit from Government Stupidity By Justin Spittler Precious metals are crushing the market. If you’ve been reading the Dispatch, you know gold […]

Hugo Salinas Price – Gold Repriced at End of Contraction Phase


Why is Hugo Salinas Price our “favourite billionaire”? Because he is someone who has pushed, and continues to do so, for a change that will impact vastly more people for the better than the likes of Bill Gates who espouses population control and vaccines for third world nations. Or unlike Warren Buffet who is openly […]

Gold & Silver in NZ Dollars: 2015 in Review & Our Guess For 2016


With another year gone it’s time for our annual year in review, looking at how gold and silver in NZ Dollars performed during the calendar year. Also a chance to look at our predictions (or what we prefer to call guesses!) from last year and see how we did. We do this every year – even […]

Silver Summit 2015 – A Selection of Highlights

Silver Summit 2015 - Highlights

The Silver Summit held in San Fransisco in November featured many well known names in the precious metals sector. San Fran is a long way to go from NZ but luckily for us there were presentations, panel discussions and interviews all filmed and available for free. We’ve selected a number of them and have outlined […]

Gold & Silver: Three Green Lights

Gold & Silver: Three Green Lights

A chuckle is what we often get from reading anything by Stewart Thomson. He has again posted one of his paid newsletters in the clear, so we’ve republished it. Mainly because he has some different views on interest rate rises. What are they? Well, he thinks the odds are high the Fed will raise rates […]

The (Silent) Summer Silver Spike

The (Silent) Summer Silver Spike

The end of this silver bear market will be marked by default in the physical silver market. A bold statement that Chris Duane makes in his latest video below. He covers a good deal of ground in this video. We summarise it below for you and also give our perspective at the end: —Why you […]

The Next Silver Bull May Have Already Started

Shows how the next silver bull market may have already begun

After some thoughts on silver based upon hard numbers? This article looks at silver supply, demand and possible impacts of the US dollar and US Federal Reserve moves on silver. The writer doesn’t believe the Gold / Silver ratio offers much for investors. However with it close to record highs (meaning it is taking a lot […]

Update on Rising Silver Premiums in New Zealand

Update on Rising Silver Premiums in New Zealand

3 weeks ago we reported: “Yesterday one of our suppliers of locally refined NZ silver advised us they would be raising their prices for silver bullion as of this Monday. Silver Demand Rises – So Do NZ Silver Prices on Monday 20 July They advised that there’s been an increase in Silver demand globally and […]

How Much Further Might Gold Fall – What About in NZ Dollars?

How Much Further Might Gold Fall - What About in NZ Dollars?

As we noted in another article this week gold has fallen further over the past week and is now at 5 years low in US dollar terms. As can be seen in the chart below: Gold Could Fall Further Yet in US Dollar Terms We wrote right back in 2011 that gold could well fall […]

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