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Crisis Up But Silver Down? – Ed Steer Interview

Crisis Up But Silver Down – Ed Steer Interview

In our feature article this week we discussed the current silver shortages and also featured a video when Mike Maloney mentioned how the price of silver had been falling even while there was significant demand for silver globally. He also explained how this might partly be explained by a rush for cash currently causing people […]

Silver Shortage – Is it For Real and What About in NZ?

Is There Really a Silver Shortage?

Last week the US Mint announced that they were suspending sales of silver eagles until August. There has also been increased demand for gold and silver globally and reports of silver shortages. The UK Royal Mint reported that Greek customers bought twice as many sovereign gold bullion coins as usual. The buying frenzy began when the Greek government […]

Interesting Historical Comparisons in the Valuation of Silver


We’ve featured Chris Duane and others who have looked at historical valuations and comparisons of silver in the past (Check out the related posts at the end for some of these). This video below covers a number of historical comparisons in the valuation of silver such as what it bought in the past or what […]

Buy Silver or You Will Die!

Buy Silver Or You Will Die!

Learn just how wide reaching the uses of silver are in our modern lives. You’ll see that just about every piece of technology you use on a daily basis relies upon silver. Then check out just how undervalued silver is on a historical basis. This makes for a compelling argument… Buy Silver or You Will […]

A Comparison with when Silver was last at US$15


This is a really informative video from Chris Duane looking back to 2006 when silver was last at US$15 prior to the US housing bubble popping. He compares all sorts of numbers from 2006 until now including: * US Federal Debt – more than doubled from $8 trillion to $18 Trillion * The number of […]

How is Doug Casey Preparing for a Crisis Worse than 2008?

In this interview with Doug Casey of Casey Research, he covers a lot of ground including low interest rates, silver versus gold, and why he still thinks we are headed for something worse than 2008… How is Doug Casey Preparing for a Crisis Worse than 2008? By Doug Casey, Chairman He and His Fellow Millionaires Are Getting […]

Top 7 Reasons I’m Buying Silver Now


We’ve just finished reading this excellent article on the top 7 reasons you should be buying silver now. You have likely heard how much gold China has been buying. Well one of the reasons covered below is just how much silver China has also been buying. We were surprised by the numbers outlined and by […]

Reader Question: “Why Bother With Technical Analysis if Gold & Silver are Manipulated?”

We received the below question from a reader a couple of weeks ago: “With all the evidence emerging of active manipulation of ALL markets, including precious metals, why would one bother with technical analysis at all? Doesn’t effective technical analysis rely on a market where buyers and sellers are rational participants? Participants that wouldn’t do […]

Silver continues to under-perform gold

Gold Survival Gold Article Updates Mar. 27, 2014 This Week: Could These Currency Charts Indicate an Asia-Pacific Slow Down? – How Would This Affect New Zealand? Silver continues to under-perform gold    This week we have a number of articles on the website for you to peruse. Likely of most interest to NZ residents will […]

Studying Gold & Silver’s Past Gives Us a Glimpse of Where We’re Heading in the Future

J.S. Kim looks back to the similarities between now and 2006 when most of the mainstream were dispensing the idea that gold was over and about to head much lower. There’s also an interesting video contained within the piece… By JS Kim, Founder & Chief Investment Strategist of SmartKnowledgeU Yesterday morning, we released this article on our […]

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