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NZ Dollar Falls – Why Has the NZ Dollar Weakened and Where to Now?

NZ Dollar Falls - Why and Where to Now_

The New Zealand Dollar has been falling since the start of the year. But at the end of February it dropped sharply. This was likely due to the expectation that New Zealand would be more seriously impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak than markets had previously been expecting. The New Zealand dollar plummeted briefly below 0.6200 […]

Why Gold and Silver Won’t Correct From Here: Two Contrarian Indicators

Why Gold and Silver Won’t Correct From Here: Two Contrarian Indicators

It would be hard not to notice that gold and silver have risen sharply in price recently. So is a precious metals correction now due? Here’s the recent move in gold. Top chart priced in NZ dollars. Bottom is in USD. While here is the NZD silver price move. Both metals have experienced short sharp […]

The Stealth Rally in Gold Continues

We pointed out late last year that it was likely a good time to buy gold and silver as it appeared they might have bottomed already. And that buying at the end of the year had historically been a good time to buy as the price of gold was usually higher at the end of […]

A Look at Gold & Silver in NZ, US & Aussie Dollars

Gold Survival Gold Article Updates: June 13, 2013 This Week: The USD dollar price of gold Where to for the price of gold in NZ dollar terms? We also cast our eye over the Aussie dollar gold price. How about Silver in USD versus NZD?   This morning the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) […]

NZ Dollar Gold and Silver A Beginners Guide to Technical Analysis

Personally we believe using technical analysis in isolation is of limited value.  When markets are being flooded with printed money they won’t necessarily follow historical trends, which, in its simplest form is basically what technical analysis is. However, used in conjunction with other indicators and fundamental analysis, technical analysis has its place.  Say you’ve done […]

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