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What Ron Paul Told Me About the End of Dollar Hegemony


Ron Paul is the rarest of breeds, a politician who actually seems to follow his ideals, vote accordingly and keep his integrity intact. Another unusual trait for a politician that he has, is an understanding of real world economics. Shown in particular by the 2006 speech referenced in this piece, the ultimate conclusion to which […]

A 200+ Year Timeline of America’s Monetary System


A.K.A. A Timeline of America’s Decline Here’s an informative video if you’d like a fast run down on the history of money in the United States over the past 2 and a bit centuries since the writing of the US constitution. And why the monetary system will eventually lead to the USA’s downfall. It covers […]

The Strengthening NZ Dollar and How This Affects Gold Bought in NZ

Gold, Silver and NZ Dollar Exchange Rates: Another Reader Question Another question/comment we had from a reader again this week was what is the point in buying bullion here in New Zealand if the NZ dollar remains strong or continues to strengthen even further? We’ve reprinted the full comment from the reader below and then have […]

Avoid Worrying About the NZD/USD Exchange Rate When Buying Gold

An article on Stuff.co.nz this week was headlined “Bullion bullish but beware the bears”. The excerpt below is taken from the beginning of the article (emphasis added is ours): The price of gold, now near nominal highs at more than US$1180 an ounce, is expected to climb further, analysts say. However, they warn New Zealand […]

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