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How Does War Affect the Gold and Silver Price?


How might an expanded war between Israel and Hamas/Iran affect the gold and silver price? See what can be learnt from past wars and how they impacted precious metals prices… War and Gold and Silver Prices There have been a number of wars started or threats of war in recent years. So how have each […]

Silver Cycles and War Cycles

Last week a reader question prompted us to look into the impact of war on gold and silver prices. We stumbled across this excellent article today which looks specifically at silver and war cycles. We wrote mainly about gold and war, so this is an excellent follow on.  Interestingly their overall conclusion on the impact […]

Doug Casey on Nuclear War With North Korea

Plenty of sabre rattling has been heard between the USA and North Korea in recent months. Who knows what capabilities the secretive state that is North Korea has or doesn’t have? This article outlines why the USA is likely looking at the North Korean threat from completely the wrong angle. Plus what the ramifications could […]