The Big Silver Picture

The title of this video is indeed accurate – it is a big picture view on silver.  It’s a jam packed video that covers 600 years of silver history in just 16 minutes!


  • The pillaging of the South Americas
  • China and silver
  • The use and abuse of silver throughout this 600 year period
  • How silver stockpiles have been used up
  • How labour and even armies were historically valued in terms of silver
  • Three phases to this 600 year plus silver price chart:
  • 1344 to 1477 called the European Collapse – after the Bardi and Peruzzi
    companies of Florence collapsed the banking system; European Dominance; and the Industrial Revolution

For more on the “crime of 1873” that the author refers to see this video we posted a few months back:

Silver history and the crime of 1873

For more on the Hunt Brothers see:

The Real Hunt Brothers Silver Story

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