The Silver Door is Closing

The Big Silver Picture Part 2

Here’s is part 2 of The Big Silver Picture video from Chris Duane who has been publishing some great videos.

In this instalment Chris covers:

  • The Kondratieff cycle and the 80 year seasonal nature of our society
  • When in the seasonal cycle to be in Paper Assets versus Real Tangible Assets
  • The Silver bear market from 1980 to 2001
  • How the current winter cycle started in 9/11 2001
  • The Stealth phase when the smart money like Warren Buffet bought
  • How the Awareness Phase began in 2006 with institutional money and silver Exchange Traded Fund arriving
  • Andrew Maguire and the outing of the manipulation of the paper silver market
  • How the Awareness Phase ended August 31 2010 when JP Morgan closed their proprietary trading commodities desk and why they did.
  • The long Mania or Public Phase and when it began
  • Signs that current down phase in silver may be coming to an end.
  • Long term “Cup and handle” technical pattern of silver price chart.
  • How the world is burning through silver stockpiles
  • The Reverse head and shoulder chart pattern of the past year.
  • How real silver metal will continue to fall into stronger and stronger hands who do not want to sell
  • What the “end game” will look like

Part one can be found at this link: The Big Silver Picture.


The Big Silver Picture Part 2 - The silver door is closing

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