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Jan 8, 2015

Happy New Year from Gold Survival Guide!

We’re open for business, but still like much of New Zealand easing back into it for 2015. So this week we have our top 10 articles of last year for you to peruse from you deck chair if you’re lucky, or from your work desk if you’re not so lucky.

But First, Prices and Charts…

USD Spot Gold today is up US$38.94 per ounce or 3.31% to US$1216.94 from our last update on December 24, 2014.

While Gold in NZ dollars is up $15 or 0.97% to $1565 since our last update on December 24, 2014.

NZD Gold Chart

USD Spot Silver is up 85 cents or a hefty 5.39% to US$16.62 over the break.

Whereas the NZ Dollar silver price today is only up 61 cents or 2.94% to $21.37. The strengthening NZ dollar over the holidays dulling the gains in local currency for gold and silver.

NZD Silver Chart

Next week we’ll have our usual yearly review of gold and silver in New Zealand dollars and then we might hazard a guess at what 2015 has in store for us too.

In the meantime here’s the 10 most read articles by our readers of 2014:

1. Capital Gains Tax on Precious Metals in New Zealand – Is There Any?

2. What Would Happen to the NZ Dollar When the US Dollar Collapses?: Reader Question

3. If/When the US Dollar Collapses, What Will Gold be Priced in?

4. RBNZ Bank “Bail In” Scheme for Bank Failures: The Open Bank Resolution (OBR)

5. Exit Strategies For When the Time Comes to Sell Gold and Silver

6. Buying a Home Safe for Gold Silver Storage

7. Gold and Silver in NZ dollars: 2013, the Year in Review and Some Guesses for 2014

8. Just How Well Capitalised are New Zealand Banks?

9. An Unconventional View on the Australian (and NZ) Dollar

10. Could These Currency Charts Indicate an Asia-Pacific Slow Down? – How Would This Affect New Zealand?

Interested in letting us know what type of content you would like to see in 2015?

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This Weeks Articles:

Lessons From Russia - Gold up 73% last year

Lessons from Russia: Gold Was Up 73% Last Year!

2015-01-07 19:33:37-05

While this article looks at what we can learn from Russia’s troubles over the past year, it does mention that gold was actually up in New Zealand dollars in 2014 also. We’ll have a full review of how gold and silver performed in NZ dollars next week so stay tuned for that. In the meantime this points out just […]

Read More…

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