Why We’ve All Been Cyprus’d Already & How We Can Stop Being Cyprus’d in the Future

We’ve followed J.S. Kim’s writing for a while. Here’s a timely video of his on the bank deposit theft being discussed in Cyprus and how we’ve all been suffering theft – it is merely a lot more subtle…

With all the scorn and indignation over the IMF and ECB’s attempt to steal anywhere from 9.9% to 15.6% of all Cyprus bank accounts in excess of €100,000, and with this anger certainly justified, one would think that people’s anger over banker theft via inflation, since this mechanism of banker theft has been executed at exponentially higher rates over the past several decades, would have bordered on blind rage. Here is why what is happening in Cyprus today greatly matters to you even if you live in Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Antartica, Australia or elsewhere in Europe. Globally, we have experienced 24% devaluation of the yen to begin 2013, 25% of the Pound Sterling and the Euro at the end of 2008, 53% devaluation of the Korean Won in little over a year’s time in November, 1997 and 98% devaluation of the US dollar in the last 80 years.

Since all of these instances of theft are exponentially greater and much more significant than the one time 10%+ proposed theft of all Cyprus bank accounts, why haven’t we been infuriated by these far greater thefts by bankers from our savings accounts?

To begin, we need to stop sugar-coating facts in deference to bankers and stop calling inflation a “silent tax”. It should no more be called a “tax” than should the latest attempt of bankers to steal from Cyprus bank accounts ever be referred to as a “tax”. When theft is referred to as a “tax”, it is because bankers have conditioned us to think of paying “taxes” as a part of being a “good citizen” of your nation, so they attempt to frame pure theft as just a “tax”. Inflation is 100% theft. If you don’t understand this, then the below video may possibly be the most important video you will watch this year. In the last newsletter you received, I stated:

“The conversion of 5% to 10% of your assets into physical gold (remember, never buy paper gold) will be insufficient to protect your wealth when hyperinflation arrives due to the legalized counterfeiting racket known as the Central Banking and Commercial Banking system. You should be converting as much of your fiat currency into physical gold (and silver) as possible, even 90% or more, if that is possible for you to do.”

Had those living in Cyprus listened to me, they would not be facing the problems of massive potential banker theft that they are facing right now (though the Cyprus parliament has rejected the theft for now). The bankers’ planned theft of Cyprus bank accounts has been severely complicated by the secret domiciling of hundreds of billions of euros by Russian oligarchs in Cyprus, and this factor is likely a contributor to the rejection of this theft by the Cyprus parliament (for angering the type of Russians that have huge accounts in Cyprus is, as Russian President Putin, stated, far more “dangerous” than angering IMF bankers).

I discuss in the below video, why we’ve all already been “Cyprus’d” to a far greater degree than Cyprus citizens can be Cyprus’d and how we can stop from being Cyprus’d in the future. Yes, I realize that the below video is slightly long, but I urge you to watch it in its entirety because I really believe that if you do, you will realize that if you do not understand what is going in Cyprus today, your ignorance of this crucial current event may cause you to make bad financial decisions that will decimate your wealth in the future. And if this video sheds light on the tipping point of our global monetary system for you, please share it with everyone you know.

Links discussed in the above video:

People are rightfully infuriated over the bankers’ attempt to steal 10%+ of all Cyprus bank accounts recently to bail out the banks. What people must realize is that bankers have been executing a far greater theft against all of us through inflation than the proposed Cyprus theft and here’s what we can do to stop it.

How Cyprus citizens reacted to bankers’ plans to steal 10% of their bank accounts



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