Your Chance to Meet Our “Secret” Investment Advisor

Mystery Investment advisor
Meet our “secret” investment advisor

If you’re a gold or silver investor (or about to invest) and want to get your timing right as to when to enter and (even more importantly) exit the precious metals market…


…Then it’s time you met our “secret” investment advisor.


(Actually he’s not totally secret as we’ve quietly mentioned him in these pages a couple of times in the past).


We’ve never shared his backstory and details until today.

Have you spent time and money looking for the next big investment but with no success?

We know how you feel.

We’ve felt the same way. Investing money into various financial newsletters without getting too many gains. Or perhaps getting conflicting ideas and advice.

That was until about 8 years ago we found a man that has changed our personal investing approach.

We’ve been able to time the entry and exit from various markets with his assistance since that time.

Simply by reading two reports a month and following what he does.

We’ve paid for a number of investment newsletters over the years. Most have come and gone by the wayside. But there is just one we have continued to renew every year and we will continue to do so. Why?

Because this is the one investment newsletter that we open and consume from beginning to end as soon as it arrives in our email box.

It’s writer is the only man we know who continually gets the big trend changes correct.

You see it’s one thing to get in on a trend and ride it. It’s quite another to know when you should exit.

This man has an innate ability to pick the major trend changes.

He’s never had a “job”. Well not unless you count his paper run when he was 16!

His name is Chris Weber.

He actually started investing in gold back in 1971 when he was just 16 with the entire $650 from his paper run savings!

He invested that $650 into collectible gold coins.

Eventually he cashed out for $600,000 and left high school a wealthy young man.

He was a millionaire at 23. Then…

Crucially he cashed out of all his precious metals investments in 1980 just before gold peaked.

He took the proceeds and invested in long term high interest paying bonds. In the early 1980’s these were yielding upwards of 15%.

Living off the interest for decades afterwards. But also enjoying the capital gains that these bonds offered due to the falling interest rate environment the world has been in since then.

Since then he has also successfully picked multiple major trend changes.

Here’s just a few that we’ve read about and witnessed personally:

>  In 2001 he again identified the beginning of a bull market in precious metals. Recommending his readers buy gold, silver and mining shares.

>  In 2008 he told his subscribers to sell all their shares (including the gold and silver mining shares) predicting a crash and much lower prices.

>  Then in early 2009 he gave the all clear to get back into just about any share you liked. Predicting all stock markets were about to bounce back.

>  2011 saw him say it was time to batten down the hatches for a gold and silver correction.

>  But in late 2015 he said it was time to start buying gold and silver mining shares again.

He’s humble, non judgemental and even tempered.

But perhaps most importantly he doesn’t offer a “stock tipping service”.

From him you’ll actually learn:

>  How to time long term entry and exits from various markets (not just gold and silver).

>  What currencies are likely to do well each year and how to buy them (Note: Not currency day trading).

>  How to determine how much you should invest into various assets. Plus…

>  He offers lessons not just in investing but in broadening your horizons with book and movie recommendations too.

We’ve actually mentioned him a number of times in the past in our Gold Survival Guide weekly newsletter as our “favourite financial newsletter writer”.

But you won’t see him mentioned in sales emails or online as he definitely flies under the radar.

Good old fashioned word of mouth seems to do the trick for him. That’s how we stumbled onto him all those years ago.

Chris writes his newsletter as a means of getting his thoughts down on paper for his own investments.

This means he doesn’t need the money. He’s independently wealthy already.

His newsletter is more like a sharing of ideas between friends.

So you’re walking beside someone who has actually been there and done that.

Rather than someone with just a flashy marketing team and a new investment idea to sell every month.

As we said earlier he doesn’t have a big sales team. You won’t find him mentioned in many places other than his own website. Even there he’s not one to “blow his own horn”. In fact his website is the epitome of “sparse”.

That’s why we’ve taken the time to explain to you his backstory today. And to introduce his Weber Global Opportunities Report to you.

We’ve managed to get him to offer a 10% discount off the usual price on his 3 month and 1 year subscription to you, as one of our readers.

You can learn a little more about him in this interview on his website here. But to be honest there’s not too much more on there than we’ve already shared with you here today.

So if you want to simplify your investing, so you can spend more time doing the things you love, then head over to the special discount page he has set up for our readers. That way you’ll ensure you get your 10% discount.


Yes Give Me Instant Access to the Secret Advisor for 10% Off

(Also: See the bottom of the page for how to claim your free bonus)

Unlike some other financial newsletter writers he doesn’t offer a “money back guarantee” or refund. He keeps things very simply in his own business, just like in his investing approach.

He only wants to deal with people serious about learning and investing.

Not tyre kickers. So if you’re the type to just give things a try and ask for a refund, this isn’t for you.

But we’re sure you won’t want one anyway. We’ve been happily paying for his newsletter for over 8 years and we guarantee we’ll still be getting it 8 years from now too.

What will you get?

You’ll get 2 newsletters a month. One at the start and a mid month update.

You won’t have pages of investments to keep track of following his recommended portfolio.

Instead things are kept quite focussed.

So you won’t need to spend hours each month managing your portfolio.

Just read his reports and follow along with his recommendations.

You’ll maximise your gains and minimise the time you spend investing. So you can enjoy more time with your family and friends.

Make a couple of key moves for long term gains.

Just making a move into a specific investment class every 10 years or so is enough to create a lot of wealth for yourself. So you can be secure in your retirement.

The key?

You need to know when to move on to the next class and pocket the gains.

The Weber Global Opportunities Report will make sure you do.


Yes Give Me Instant Access to the Secret Advisor for 10% Off

(Also: See the bottom of the page for how to claim your free bonus)

Even if it’s just to help time your eventual exit from gold, silver and their related assets. The right move at the right time will more than pay for itself.

But you won’t just maximise your gains.

With Chris you’ll also know what the next major asset class to move on to will be. So you can compound your wealth and enjoy the thought of passing it onto your heirs.

Actually come to think of it, his newsletter is a great learning vehicle for younger people too. Be sure to pass it on to you kids and grandkids also.

So get your advice from someone who successfully entered and exited the last precious metals bull market.

That’s what we do. Because we think he’ll time the exit from this current precious metals bull market pretty well too.

We’ll leave this page up but we don’t know how long Chris will keep the connected offer alive for our readers. If you click through and the page no longer exists you’ll know you’re too late.

So if you’re serious about learning from someone who has been there and done that, click through to join us today with a 10% discount on what we paid.


Yes Give Me Instant Access to the Secret Advisor for 10% Off

Still Undecided? Request a Free Sample Report…

If you’re still not quite sure, then you may wish to request a free sample report. It won’t have any of the open investment positions that Chris has currently. But you will get a feel for how he writes and what he covers. Just send us a message here and ask for the “Weber Sample Report”.

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