What does the spot price of gold (or silver) mean?
I'm new to this whole precious metals scene and would like to learn more, but your websites sitemap http://goldsurvivalguide.co.nz/sitemap/ has so many articles and videos. What should I read first?
Should I buy coins or bars/ingots? And what about choosing between local coins and bars versus overseas made products?
Why is the silver margin on bars so much more than the mark-up on gold bars?
How can I be sure of the purity of the gold or silver supplied?
Once I've accepted a quote for gold/silver and paid my money, how can I be sure I will receive it and that you guys aren't a dodgy 'Nigerian scam'?
Okay, so I've decided to buy, why should I go through you guys?
Can I buy precious metals from outside of New Zealand? I’m a kiwi but I’m living offshore at the moment and would like to convert some foreign currency into gold and silver.
Can I buy using anything other than New Zealand dollars? Do you have foreign currency accounts that I can transfer to when buying precious metals?
So I’ve bought now I want to keep the gold and silver safe. What about storage? Where can I store precious metals?
How do I go about selling gold or silver once I’ve bought it - it seems complicated?

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