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Has Gold Remonetisation Already Begun?

Just over 5 years ago John Butler gave an excellent talk in Auckland which we were fortunate to attend entitled ...
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Why Buy Gold? Here’s 15 Reasons to Buy Gold Now

“Everything looks pretty good in the world at the moment. Property and share prices have gone up a lot. Why ...
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When to Buy Gold or Silver

When to Buy Gold or Silver: The Ultimate Guide (Updated)

When to buy gold or silver is a question that can have multiple meanings. Firstly you might ask it from ...
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Why Gold Could Do Well Even if There Isn’t a Crisis

This Week: Gold and Silver Bounce Back Why Gold Could Do Well Even if There Isn’t a Crisis Gold, Cheap, ...
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The Yield Curve Recession Predictor: Impact on Gold?

The best predictor of a recession we have seen is the yield curve. While the yield curve may sound like ...
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How Many People Own Gold? New Zealand vs Other Countries

How many people own gold? How does that number today compare to what it was historically? A reader asked just ...
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3 Great Silver Deals

This Week: What Use Will Silver Coins be in New Zealand in a Currency Collapse? Do You Want to Learn About Digital ...
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What Use Will Silver Coins be in New Zealand in a Currency Collapse?

An excellent question in from reader Dave. "What use silver coins would be if a currency collapse were to occur ...
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Digital Gold Banner

Do You Want to Learn About Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies But Don’t Know Where to Start?

For the new investor, the standard way of investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be very confusing, complicated, and involve ...
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Cheap Silver Spot Price and Cheap Deal

This Week: Gold and Silver Both Bottom Out How Do You Value Gold | What Price Could Gold Reach? Is The Return To A Gold Standard Inevitable? What Might ...
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Is The Return To A Gold Standard Inevitable? What Might it Look Like?

Is the return to a gold standard inevitable? Grant Williams, Senior Advisor at Vulpes Investment Mgmt, Writer of Things That ...
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How Do You Value Gold | What Price Could Gold Reach?

We received a question from a reader “What will the future resale value of gold be?” Or rather what they ...
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