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My thanks to the guys of Gold Survival Guide without whom I would not of had the confidence to begin the journey into the precious metals ownership world … they never once hesitated to reply to any questions asked in a friendly manner & always with complete impartiality … if anyone is thinking of precious metals as a form of protection / investment … here is where you should do it … I have … & will do so again

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As an expat kiwi living abroad , its important to buy from someone trustworthy, when you are looking to buy gold bullion in NZ . The guys at Gold Survival Guide are not only professional operators but great blokes into the bargain. They have a lot of experience of and knowledge of the NZ market for gold and silver buyers looking to invest in precious metals in New Zealand. Excellent service and competitive prices. I would highly recommend them to new and experienced investors alike.

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Gold Survival Guide presents one of the best ways to buy silver and gold bullion in New Zealand. They have a wealth of information available to anyone that is interested in precious metals. Their service is excellent and their prices are very competitive.

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Great service, great insights, very trustworthy…highly recommend these guys for all of your gold and silver requirements!

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David is great, very professional and prompt. GSG is a bottomless source of information with the normal gold dealers’ biases. The dealer service however is first class and I have no reservations to recommend it to both new and experienced gold buyers.

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I initially subscribed to GSG’s ecourse which I found extremely useful and a great starting point for an inexperienced first time precious metal investor. Since then, I have been given further useful video clips and articles from David and also Like them on Facebook, which is another really handy source of valuable, up to date material. GSG have been extremely fast to respond, deliver on their promises and I am now a loyal customer. They make it really easy and I would highly recommend them to new and experienced investors alike.

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Education and Research from the Blog

Silver Breakout or Silver Fakeout? – Where to Next for Silver in 2024?

Last week we wondered if NZ Dollar silver might have broken out of the multi-year consolidation pattern it had been in: “With the price today getting clearly above the downtrend line in this wedge or pennant formation. A clear break about the horizontal resistance line around $45 will confirm the next leg up in silver […]

USD Gold Breakout – All Time High Above $2200 – What Happens Now?

USD Gold just broke above the key level of US$2200 reaching another new all time high on Friday night. Just under a month ago it broke above $2100, setting what was then a new all time high. What happens now? Prior to this breakout, gold had attempted to break through this overhead resistance just below […]

If/When the US Dollar Collapses, What Will Gold be Priced in?

In the second quarter of 2023 the US dollar’s share of global foreign exchange reserves was 58%. Down a touch lower from the previous figure we reported of 59.0% in the fourth quarter of 2020. The US dollar share of global reserves has been falling fairly steadily for the last 20 years. Down over 10 […]

How Do You Value Gold | What Price Could Gold Reach? 2024 Gold Price Prediction

With gold breaking out to new all time highs in most currencies including the New Zealand dollar and US Dollar, this question from a reader is quite timely. They asked “What will the future resale value of gold be?” Or rather what they were really getting at, what price will gold likely reach in the […]

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