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Education and Research from the Blog

NZ Dollar Falls – Why has the NZ Dollar Weakened and Where to Now?

The NZ dollar has had a number of falls lately. See the numbered chart further down the page. (1) The Kiwi plunged 1 cent on Wednesday morning (17 April). This followed the release by Statistics NZ of the latest Consumer Price Inflation (CPI) numbers: “…inflation eked out just a small gain in the March quarter, […]

The RBA is Destroying The Australian Economy…and No One Cares. Is the RBNZ Destroying the New Zealand Economy Too?

Greg Canavan wrote last week in his excellent Rum Rebellion eletter that the Reserve Bank of Australia is destroying the Aussie economy. It prompted us to have a think about how this compares to the New Zealand economy and ask a similar question: “Is the RBNZ destroying the New Zealand economy too?” Here is what […]

Bank Capital Changes: What is the RBNZ Preparing For?

The New Zealand central bank is aiming to increase the amount of capital New Zealand Banks must hold. Why would they want to do this? Does the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) see some troubles looming on the horizon? Read on to find out… IMF’s Dire Warning on Global Economy In the Herald in […]

New Zealand Dollar Third Best Performing Currency Since 2001 – So Why Does it Still “Suck”?

The New Zealand Dollar has been up and down over the last 18 years. It has seen a lot of volatility since 2001. Trading in a wide range, with 0.40 being the low in 2001 and at a high of 0.88 in 2014. However from the chart below we can see that the overall trend […]

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