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Education and Research from the Blog

The Problem with a Central Bank as Sole Issuer of Currency

There is a push to stop commercial banks issuing money and reserve this role for central banks to be the sole issuer of currency. What’s the problem with this idea?   This year we’ve covered extensively how the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) has been looking into the pros and cons of creating its […]

Problems with the RBNZ Bank Stress Tests

The RBNZ has just released the latest results from the bank stress tests of the 4 major New Zealand banks. How helpful will these be to the New Zealand public?   The Reserve Bank of New Zealand recently launched its Bank Financial Strength Dashboard with a view to helping consumers monitor the strength of their […]

Why Gold Bullion is Your Financial Insurance

Do you buy gold with the expectation it will go up in price? Perhaps this isn’t the best way to think of gold. See why you should think in terms of wealth protection first, rather than profit potential…   We prefer not to talk about gold being an investment. Investing is what you do with any […]

All $10,000 Cash Transactions and $1,000 International Transfers Now Reported to N.Z. Police

Last March we wrote about the upcoming changes in financial reporting requirements in New Zealand. New Banking rules set to come into force in November will mean any cash transactions over $10,000 will have to be reported to police by New Zealand banks. On top of this banks will also have to alert the Police […]

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