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  • How you’re living in a unique period in history and why gold is now a must have insurance policy
  • The root cause of the current “financial crisis” and what’s yet to come
  • How not owning gold could threaten not just your lifestyle but your current way of life
  • How the system is structured to silently steal from you every year
  • The real current value of gold and how to determine its potential future price
  • 9 specific methods of buying gold and what the pro’s and con’s of each one are
  • 4 ways to safely store gold once you’ve bought it
  • Just how much and what type of gold you need to own

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Reader Feedback on the Gold Survival Guide Gold eCourse

I initially subscribed to GSG’s ecourse which I found extremely useful and a great starting point for an inexperienced first time precious metal investor. Since then, I have been given further useful video clips and articles from David and also Like them on Facebook, which is another really handy source of valuable, up to date material. GSG have been extremely fast to respond, deliver on their promises and I am now a loyal customer. They make it really easy and I would highly recommend them to new and experienced investors alike.From a Google Review