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Selling gold and silver

Here you’ll learn about how to tell when it’s time to sell gold and silver, what some exit strategies may be, and how exactly to sell gold and silver. We also cover potential taxes and even the possibility of gold confiscation.

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When Will You Know It’s Time to Sell Gold?

When Will You Know It’s Time to Sell Gold?

When you’ve bought gold it’s a good idea to think about when you might sell. So here’s 7 ways to determine if it is time to sell gold.

How to Sell Gold and Silver Bullion

How to Sell Gold and Silver Bullion

Here you’ll learn how to determine the time to sell gold and silver bullion, including 3 exit strategies when selling. Plus learn the specific steps to follow to sell your gold and silver.

Exit Strategies For When the Time Comes to Sell Gold and Silver

Exit Strategies For When the Time Comes to Sell Gold and Silver

Check out these three exit strategies for when the time comes to exit your gold or silver investment. You’ll see that you might not necessarily just sell your gold or silver and swap it for dollars…

Latest Articles

Gold Confiscation | Could it Happen in New Zealand?

We received a question from reader J.M… “I just wanted to know if you had any info on if the NZ Government has the ability to ‘confiscate’ investors gold & silver. I have read some articles about this happening in the USA in the thirties and wonder if our govt. has the power/laws to do […]

30 of the 100’s of REASONS to Sell Gold & BUY SILVER

Bix Weir believes there are “hundreds” of reasons to sell all of your physical gold and buy physical silver instead. We don’t agree with Bix on the idea of holding no gold at all. But undoubtedly silver has more upside than gold currently. So while we perhaps wouldn’t go so far as swapping all your […]

How to Sell Gold and Silver Bullion

How to Sell Gold and Silver Bullion

How Do I Sell My Gold and Silver Bullion? How do I sell gold and silver bullion? That is a question we’ve been receiving a bit lately. Here is a summary of one question from this week: Q1: What are the best ways to know when to sell? i.e what’s the best exit stragey for […]

Questions From Readers: Precious Metals & Kiwisaver, BoomBust Cycle, Gold & Silver Exit Strategies

We’ve had a bit of an influx of questions from readers lately. Some we’ve had and answered previously and some not. Here’s a selection of them from this week…   Kiwisaver Precious Metals Options? “Query: Is there an option to move a Kiwisaver investment to Gold and Silver options?” Thanks for your question. We’re pretty […]

Capital Gains Tax on Precious Metals in New Zealand – Is There Any?


Last week we received a question from a reader on what tax is payable upon the sale of gold and silver bullion in New Zealand. They had just been reading an old article of ours: Windfall Tax on Gold | a New Zealand Perspective (which is a separate topic of whether governments might enact a windfall profits […]

Exit Strategies For When the Time Comes to Sell Gold and Silver

Exit Strategies For When the Time Comes to Sell Gold and Silver

We recently received this question from a reader… “I hope you don’t mind if I ask you some questions. I’ve been wondering to myself what happens when the price goes up. Like what point do I sell at? And then what? I know no one knows how high the prices will go so disregard my […]

Sandeep Jaitly: Why the USA is Selling China Its Gold

The always interesting Sandeep Jaitly was on the Keiser Report today. The interview begins at 12:15. Sandeep discussed with Max a multitude of topics including: Why Sandeep thinks a reported potential increase in China's gold reserves from 1,100 tonnes to 2700 tonnes is a good move. Why is the USA selling China it's gold? And [...]



Darryl Schoon makes no bones about his belief that the recent plunge in the gold price was a manipulation, plain and simple. But he also gives some background as to how past incidences may also have been a result of “intervention” and does some theorising as to where the gold used to force the price […]

Windfall Tax on Gold | a New Zealand Perspective

This week we had an email from a reader (and well informed reader at that) asking about the possibility of governments confiscating citizens gold or even the possibility according to James Rickards that “the government won’t need to confiscate gold, they will deem that the citizen has made an unfair windfall profit and impose a […]

Gold And Silver FAQ Webinar Replay Saturday 12 November 2011

In this inaugural  Gold Survival Guide FAQ Webinar, you’ll learn about the 7 Deadly Mistakes When Buying Gold that people often make. Then at the 27:00 minute mark also answered are a number of questions submitted by Gold Survival Guide subscribers, including: 29:55 – Knowing when to sell 32:00 – What percentage to hold of […]

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