How to Buy and Invest in Gold and Silver


So, you’re thinking of buying and investing in gold or silver? Here’s the steps to take…

What Form of Gold and Silver to Buy and Invest In?

There are many forms of gold and silver. From gold mining shares to exchange traded funds (ETF’s), to gold and silver futures, and paper gold and silver certificates.

Investing in Bullion Coins and Bars

However physical gold and silver bullion in the form of bars and coins is the only type of gold or silver that has no counter-party risk. In fact physical bullion is the only financial asset with no counter-party risk. Meaning it is an asset that is not at the same time someone else’s liability.

Physical gold and silver is owned by you and is not connected to the banking system.

The gold and silver price will never go to zero, unlike the possibility of fiat currencies and other forms of investments.

Physical gold or silver bullion is:

  • Portable
  • Divisible
  • Durable
  • Generally accepted worldwide
  • An ounce of gold (or silver) is an ounce of gold (or silver) anywhere

So buying and investing in physical gold and silver bullion is the only real form of financial insurance.

How Much Gold and Silver Should You Buy?

The next question to answer is just how much gold and silver should you buy and own?

The traditional answer has been 5% or so of your personal net worth.

However the answer likely depends on what percentage of your net worth is in other asset classes. For example, say you have 5% in gold, and 50% in the share market. If the share market crashed 50%, then gold would need to rise 400% just for you to break even. So you may wish to consider a larger percentage.

Marc Faber, editor of the Doom, Boom and Gloom Report, who is also an extremely knowledgeable and astute investor, suggests that 20% in gold bullion related investments is more appropriate, if the rest of your portfolio consists of paper assets only.

Read more on this topic: What Percentage of Gold and Silver Should Be in My Portfolio?

Decide What Type of Gold and Silver Bullion You Want to Buy

You have a choice of gold coinsgold barssilver coins, and silver bars. Learn more about what types of gold and silver to buy.

Choose the Weight

Gold and silver coins most commonly come in 1 oz size.

Gold bullion bars are generally sold by the ounce and include 1 oz., 10 oz. and 100 oz. bars.

Silver bullion bars are most commonly bought in 1 kg, 5 kg bars or 100 oz. bars.


Or Choose the Dollar Amount You Want to Buy

Alternatively just choose the dollar amount you wish to spend and let us know.

How to Buy Gold Bullion

Browse our range of gold bars and gold coins: Buy Gold Bullion.  We have gold bullion products from New Zealand refiners to the most trusted private and government mints from around the world.

How to Buy Silver Bullion

Browse our range of silver bars and silver coins: Buy Silver Bullion.  You can choose silver bullion from long standing New Zealand refiners to the most trusted private and government mints from around the world.

How to Buy and Order – Simple 4 Step Process

1. Request a Quote

We offer a variety of ways to buy gold and silver. You can request a quote directly from each product page via the “ADD TO QUOTE” button. Or via email or live chat, or use the contact form. Or just pick up the phone to get all your questions answered. 0800 888 465 or +64 9 281 3898.

2. Accept the Quote

Accept the quote via email (quotes generally valid for 1 hour) and send us your delivery details (if required) and mobile number.

3. Receive Sales Confirmation

We send you a sales order with reference number and banking details.

4. Payment

You deposit the amount via internet banking that night (remember to add the sales order number). The most common payment option is internet banking.

Other payment options include:

Please specify when ordering if you wish to pay by one of the above 4 methods.

Delivery and Insurance

Locally refined gold and silver bullion generally takes 5-7 working days to make up (can vary depending on supply).
You can pick up in Auckland. Otherwise delivery is fully insured until you sign for it, anywhere in New Zealand.

Delivery options include:

  • direct to a vault,
  • home or business address,
  • or a main centre courier depot.

Gold and Silver Storage

Lastly be sure to consider how you will store once you’ve invested in gold or silver. Learn more about Gold and Silver Storage

What Our Clients Say

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More Information on How to Invest in Gold and Silver

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