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1. Save time finding the NZ Dollar spot prices of gold and silver

Instead of hunting around for a website that displays the daily price in NZ dollars of gold and silver you’ll get an email every day around 11am telling you what they are.

2. Save time tracking the NZ dollar spot price movement day to day

You’ll receive the NZ dollar spot price every day so you can easily keep an eye on where the price is going and you’ll know when it reaches your “buy zone”.

3. Get subscriber only deals and specials

Get notified of exclusive subscriber only deals for any limited stock specials we have going.

4. Receive the latest gold and silver charts in NZ and US dollars

Easily track the broad direction of price in NZ dollars. Plus get technical analysis of short term and long term charts, where prices may be going, and when good times to buy may be.

5. Also receive our weekly newsletter each Wednesday.

You’ll get New Zealand focused articles and precious metals tips and info.

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If you’re interested in buying gold or silver you need to be

informed as to the price movements in New Zealand dollar terms

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Want to keep track of the movements in the N.Z. dollar price of gold and silver??

Gold & Silver Pricing Alert

Get your FREE Daily Gold & Silver Price Alert and save time finding and tracking the NZ dollar spot price movement day to day.

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