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Are you new to buying and selling gold and silver bullion, but find the topic confusing and hard to master? Do you want to learn more about gold and silver and how they can protect and grow your wealth?

Gold Survival Guide was started with the aim of being the “Survival Guide” for all things gold and silver. To demystify the sometimes confusing and conflicting world of gold and silver for precious metals investors.

We don’t just sell gold and silver bullion.

We educate, inform and improve your ability to profit.

Our Mission is:

Global education about wealth protection and monetary change.

On top of being passionate about physical gold and silver, we are passionate about educating people on the need for wealth protection. We want to make more people aware of the changes going on with money today, and those changes still likely to come to the monetary system.

We’ve often written how when you peel back the layers of various problems and challenges in the world today, the current centrally controlled monetary system is almost always at the heart of these issues. But yet most people are completely ignorant about what money is and how it is created. Or how the monetary system is set up to silently steal from them year after year.
We want to change this.

Our Motto/ Creed:

We educate first. Sell gold and silver second.

On our Gold & Silver Blog we have hundreds of articles and videos that can help you with buying, investing, storing and selling gold and silver. So before you buy you can be sure you know all you need to know.

Our Values:

Integrity above all else.

Our clients’ needs come first before profit.

We’ll always offer you the best product for you, not the product we make the most profit on.

What Our Clients Say

My thanks to the guys of Gold Survival Guide without whom I would not of had the confidence to begin the journey into the precious metals ownership world … they never once hesitated to reply to any questions asked in a friendly manner & always with complete impartiality … if anyone is thinking of precious metals as a form of protection / investment … here is where you should do it … I have … & will do so again

- Google User -

As an expat kiwi living abroad , its important to buy from someone trustworthy, when you are looking to buy gold bullion in NZ . The guys at Gold Survival Guide are not only professional operators but great blokes into the bargain. They have a lot of experience of and knowledge of the NZ market for gold and silver buyers looking to invest in precious metals in New Zealand. Excellent service and competitive prices. I would highly recommend them to new and experienced investors alike.

- Google User -

Gold Survival Guide presents one of the best ways to buy silver and gold bullion in New Zealand. They have a wealth of information available to anyone that is interested in precious metals. Their service is excellent and their prices are very competitive.

- Google User -

Great service, great insights, very trustworthy…highly recommend these guys for all of your gold and silver requirements!

- Google User -

David is great, very professional and prompt. GSG is a bottomless source of information with the normal gold dealers’ biases. The dealer service however is first class and I have no reservations to recommend it to both new and experienced gold buyers.

- Google User -

I initially subscribed to GSG’s ecourse which I found extremely useful and a great starting point for an inexperienced first time precious metal investor. Since then, I have been given further useful video clips and articles from David and also Like them on Facebook, which is another really handy source of valuable, up to date material. GSG have been extremely fast to respond, deliver on their promises and I am now a loyal customer. They make it really easy and I would highly recommend them to new and experienced investors alike.

- Google User -

Our Story

GoldSurvivalGuide was founded in 2009 by Glenn Thomas and David Deutsch. Both of whom had been personally involved in precious metals since the early 2000’s.

Glenn Thomas

Glenn Thomas Co-Founder: GoldSurvivalGuide

David Deutsch

David Deutsch - GoldSurvivalGuide Co-Founder

How Gold Survival Guide was Born

In 2008, David and Glenn met at an investment dinner in Auckland, where the chief economist of Casey Research, Bud Conrad, was speaking.

They got to discussing the lack of New Zealand focused gold and silver information online. So they shook on it at the end of the night and decided to do something about this.

As a result of that handshake, the GoldSurvivalGuide website was launched a few months later in mid 2009.

The name wasn’t intended to sound as apocalyptic as it perhaps does!

Precious metals often seem very confusing to the novice. So they set about creating the “Survival Guide” for all things gold and silver. To demystify the sometimes confusing and conflicting world of gold and silver.

Gold and silver are of course financial or wealth insurance, so they could potentially also help you “survive” a financial crisis or collapse. But the name wasn’t actually chosen for this reason.

GoldSurvivalGuide didn’t start supplying physical gold and silver for sale until around a year later in 2010. This was after receiving many questions like: How do you buy? What should I pay? Who should I trust?

Since then they’ve sold many millions of dollars worth of gold and silver to clients in New Zealand, USA, Australia and Europe.

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Why Choose Us?

We act as a Precious Metals Broker.  Effectively linking you – the buyer – with the appropriate supplier depending on what type of precious metals product you are after. e.g. local gold and silver bars,  local coins, overseas (imported) coins, overseas (imported) bars.

Benefits to You When Using GoldSurvivalGuide to Buy Gold or Silver:

1.  Eliminate fear as a first time buyer – You’ll get a helping hand rather than a hard sell.  You’ll be guided through the often confusing world of precious metals, including related areas such as storage options.

2.  Free Education and Knowledge – At Gold Survival Guide we have New Zealand’s largest repository of information on buying and investing in precious metals. All for free. Once you’ve purchased we keep you up to date with the happenings in the gold and silver markets in New Zealand and offshore. So you’ll know when your time comes to sell.

3.  Minimise your risk by dealing with top suppliers only – You’ll get the best deals from the major gold and silver suppliers in New Zealand, as well as offshore.  We only deal with companies who have been around for many years and have an unblemished track record, giving you peace of mind.  (Our main suppliers have been in business for over 35 years).

4.  Save you time – Instead of phoning around trying to compare prices, we do it for you.  Or rather we already know where the best prices are for specific products.  Also, as the spot (world) price of gold and silver changes constantly it can be difficult to compare “apples with apples”.  So by the time you’ve phoned the next supplier the underlying price may have already changed.

5.  Save you money – Depending upon the product you want we will link you with the best priced supplier.  Or we can recommend alternative products that may be better value for money.

6.  Cheaper than going direct – The price you pay for gold and/or silver can be cheaper than going direct to the supplier, or at very least the same.  So you have nothing to lose (and everything to gain) by using our services.  We’re remunerated by a finders fee which the supplier pays to us directly.

7.  Wide range of products – You can access the most extensive range of gold and silver products because we deal with multiple suppliers.  From gold bars to silver coins; being locally made or imported from overseas.  Again, saving you time checking out various suppliers.

8.  No hassle purchasing, no risk delivery – Gold and silver can be delivered to you, fully insured right up to the point you sign for it, whether you live anywhere from Kaitaia to Bluff.

Your Next Steps

You might want to browse around the site a bit more, read some of our articles, and check out what gold and silver products are available to buy. You can also get updates, gold investing tips and subscriber only deals delivered straight to your inbox once a week. Get access to that here.

And if you’d like to learn more about why now is the time you need to invest in gold, along with 9 specific ways to do this then go get access to our free eCourse now. 

Finally, if you’ve got any questions go to the Ask Us a Question! page and fire ‎away. Let us know what your biggest question about investing in gold or silver is. The best question every month wins a 1 ounce silver coin.