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Buy Silver Bars

Silver Bars are the most affordable way of buying silver. Silver bars have lower premiums over the spot price compared to silver coins. So buying silver bars gives you more ounces of silver per dollar invested. Storing silver in bar form also takes up less space.

Browse our range below and buy silver bars today in weights from 50g to 10oz to 5Kg.

You can buy silver cast bars from New Zealand refiners, and also cast and minted silver bars from the most trusted private and government mints from around the planet. All silver bars are hallmark-stamped with their exact purity of contained silver from their refiner/mint.

Let us know if you have a specific silver bar request as we can likely source what you’re after.

Bullion Price Match Guarantee

Find a lower price elsewhere on the same product? Show us the quote and we’ll better it!

Buy Silver Bars Online From the Range Below

Buying Silver Bars Online

Buying silver bars online is simple, safe and convenient. You can compare prices and premiums of various silver bars. Then simply order when you want either online, by phone, email or live chat.

Gold Survival Guide has been one of New Zealand’s most trusted bullion dealers since 2010. Selling millions of dollars of bullion to customers not just from New Zealand, but Australia, Europe, America and many other countries.


Silver Investment Education

Are you new to investing in silver? You can learn more about why to buy silver or what type of silver products to buy in our Education Centre.


Why Buy Silver Bars?

Buying physical silver bars gives you protection from currency devaluation and loss of purchasing power. But silver also offers significant upside potential - possibly even more upside than gold.

Silver bars are the most cost effective way to buy silver. Silver Bars are usually cheaper than coins as a silver bar requires less effort to produce than to mint a coin.

When you buy silver bars you have the benefit of bars being easier to store than coins. Bars stack nicely on top of one another.

Learn more about the differences between silver coins vs silver bars.


Silver Bars in New Zealand

At Gold Survival Guide, we carefully select a range of silver bar products for our clients. Our best-selling silver bar is the 1 kg Locally Refined NZ Silver Bar. But silver bars come in sizes from 50 grams to 10 ounces and all the way up to 5 Kilogram and even 1000 oz silver bars.

Local New Zealand Silver Bars (Cast Silver Ingots)

Locally refined 1 kg New Zealand Silver Bars have a fineness or purity of 99.9%.

These NZ silver bars are cast or poured meaning each bar has a unique finish.  Each pour of silver is assay tested to ensure the purity of .999.

Buying silver in Kilogram bars is one of the best value for money methods. These New Zealand refined 1 Kg silver bars are usually the lowest priced silver we have for sale. And the lowest priced silver we have found to date in NZ.

NZ Silver bars are also available in the following weights: 50 gram, 100 gram, 10 oz,  500 gram, 100 oz, 5 kilogram

Suisse PAMP Silver Bars

PAMP Silver Bars are a high finish cast bar (sometimes also referred to as a silver ingot).

Refined by the internationally recognised Swiss refiner PAMP, these 1kg silver bars have a fineness of 99.9%.

Each 1 Kg PAMP Silver Bar bears its own unique serial number engraved on the front surface. They ship with an assay certificate which also includes the same unique serial number.

Each 1 kg cast silver bar is also stamped with the French phrase “Essayeur Fondeur” and a smaller PAMP logo set within a rectangle. This stamp guarantees that the silver used in the production of PAMP silver bars has been assayed and certified as authentic and of the highest quality.

What is a Silver Ingot?

A silver ingot is simply another name for a silver bar. Generally referring to a cast or poured bar - as opposed to a minted bar.

Silver Bar Mints

We keep things simple when buying silver bars. Instead of you drowning in dozens and dozens of items, we have carefully chosen a select range of silver bars that offer the best value for silver investors in New Zealand.

We have silver bars that are locally refined in New Zealand in various sizes from 50 grams to 5 Kilogram as well as silver bars from international refiners and mints including:

  • Perth Mint
  • Swiss PAMP
  • Johnson Matthey
  • Scottsdale Mint

Vault Storage for Silver Bars

Not sure how to keep your silver bars safe and secure? Silver bars take up much more volume per dollar spent than gold bars. So you need to plan on how you will store your silver bars. We can offer advice on storage options in New Zealand and elsewhere in the world too.

Learn more about storing silver bars.


Buying Silver Bars with Cryptocurrency

Are you looking to convert some of your cryptocurrency and bitcoin into silver bars?

In addition to accepting NZD, AUD, USD, and EUR currencies, Gold Survival Guide now accepts the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Along with Bitcoin Cash.

Learn more about buying silver bars with cryptocurrency.


Why Buy Silver Bars with Gold Survival Guide?

Gold Survival Guide is different to most other bullion dealers in New Zealand (and around the world). First and foremost, we offer education and knowledge about silver coins and silver bars. Then, if you like, we’ll guide you through the purchasing options. No hard sell here.

We have New Zealand’s largest repository of information on gold and silver bullion investment.

By learning first you’ll be sure to buy the right product, at the right time, at the right price.

Visit our gold and silver blog and education centre to learn everything you need to know about buying and investing in silver.

Our product range focuses on silver bar products with the most competitive premiums. This way you’ll get more silver for your “buck”. Therefore potentially increasing your gains by saving on costs.

Still got a question? Then get in contact. Whether you have a question via phone, live chat or email, it will be answered by an expert in the precious metals industry.