How to Invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies


How to Invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Do You Want to Invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Diving into the crypto world can be confusing, especially if you’re not an expert.

The market is volatile, the risks are real, and you don’t want to go in blind.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with the world’s leading cryptocurrency brokerage, Caleb & Brown.

Caleb & Brown is the crypto investor’s expert partner, helping investors navigate the complexities of buying, selling and swapping hundreds of cryptocurrencies worldwide, backed by experts with decades of combined traditional finance and crypto investing experience. 

In this discussion between the Gold Survival Guide Founders and Rupert Hackett you’ll…

Learn about investing in digital currencies and how they’ll affect the world of future investments from an industry professional.

  • What are digital or crypto currencies?
  • How are they different from the stock market?
  • The regulation around Digital Tokens
  • Who can invest in them?
  • What are different avenues of investment?
  • How will it change the future investment ecosystem?

About Rupert Hackett

Rupert Hackett is an Advisor at Caleb and Brown.

Caleb & Brown was named FinTech start-up of the year at the Stockbroker and Financial Advisors Association (SAFAA) conference 2018.

Rupert is also the current CEO of Bitcoin Australia & a board member of ADCA (Australian Digital Commerce Association). ADCA is Australia’s industry network for businesses implementing or evaluating blockchain or distributed ledger technology.

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Why Caleb and Brown:

  • Buy, sell and swap hundreds of digital assets through your personal broker.
  • Fast 24/7 access and support.
  • Trade as an individual, company or trust.
  • No joining fees, ongoing account fees, deposit fees or withdrawal fees.
  • One transparent, flat fee for all trades.
  • Unlimited pairings-trade directly between any asset supported by Caleb & Brown.
  • Access to institutional liquidity providers and OTC desks.
  • A team of professional traders working on each trade manually for optimal results.

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Comparing The Standard Way of Investing in Cryptocurrencies with the Gold Survival Guide Method

The standard way of investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be very confusing, complicated and involve a high level of risk for the new investor. Compare that to the Gold Survival Guide method…

The Standard Way Of Investing In Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Part 1:

  • Convert fiat currency (NZ Dollars) to Bitcoin
  • Determine which Crypto exchange to use? (there are very limited options for New Zealanders).
  • Set up your account, with verification documents and passwords
  • Set up 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to safeguard your account

Part 2 – Once your documents have been verified by the exchange:

  • Buy bitcoin on an exchange: You’ll need to understand market orders and limit orders
  • Move your bitcoin onto other exchanges if you want to buy alternative cryptocurrencies (Many coins are only on certain exchanges). You’d need to learn which exchanges deal in which cryptocurrencies.

Part 3:

  • Remove your cryptocurrencies from an online exchange for safer storage


The Gold Survival Guide Simple, Safe & Low-Cost Way

Part 1:

  • Register with our preferred Crypto-broker – Caleb & Brown
  • Verify your identity via a photo of you and your passport, along with utility bill/bank statement to confirm your home address.
  • Send fiat currency (NZ Dollars or any major currency) to Caleb & Brown.

Part 2:

  • Tell the broker to buy one of any 2000+ cryptocurrencies via text or email.
  • Pay only 3% commission on any transaction. Much lower than New Zealand exchanges.
  • Advise them your wallet address for the cryptocurrency to be sent to.



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