Sandeep Jaitly: Why the USA is Selling China Its Gold

The always interesting Sandeep Jaitly was on the Keiser Report today. The interview begins at 12:15. Sandeep discussed with Max a multitude of topics including:

  • Why Sandeep thinks a reported potential increase in China’s gold reserves from 1,100 tonnes to 2700 tonnes is a good move.
  • Why is the USA selling China it’s gold? And how they have no choice as you have to “maintain the exchange in gold”.
  • How basically every country/person that is buying gold is basically calling “foreclosure” on the US.
  • Why gold doesn’t have a spread under true free market conditions?
  • How gold is the most “marketable good” and the supreme medium of exchange.
  • Where gold fits in a world where everything is manipulated and why you should still continue to hold it.
  • At what point do the German people say they want their gold back?
  • What are the threats to the system according to the bankers in Davos? And interestingly why Sandeep thinks governments should just keep spending the fiat currencies, while they still can.
  • Why all fiat currencies ultimately head to zero.
  • How the printing of money that feeds the banks actually leads to deflation.
  • What are the repercussions of HSBC having a $70billion black hole of debt and why QE is a massive fraud?
  • Why HSBC and the whole system is insolvent and simply a charade.
  • Why Sandeep is bullish on gold and even more bullish on silver and that you should “keep stacking them” as the Americans say?

If you’d like to know the exact process for selling gold and silver see: Sell Gold & Silver Bullion, Bars or Coins

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