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Dow Gold Ratio: How Does Gold Compare to Shares For the Past 100 Years? Where to From Here in 2021?

Here’s a great question from a reader on gold versus shares. It’s quite timely to look at today. Considering the US stock market today hit a new all time high. You’ll see why perhaps you shouldn’t simply compare shares/stocks to gold over a long period of time and then use this as an argument not […]

Is it Too Late to Buy Gold? [Video]

Is it too late to buy gold

Is it Too Late to Buy Gold? The NZ dollar price has risen over $500 per ounce since the start of 2020. So it’s not unreasonable to ask, is it too late to buy gold? This video looks at a number of methods to try and place a value on gold and determine where the […]

Gold Ratios April 2020: Dow/Gold, NZ Housing to Gold, & Gold/Silver Ratio – (Plus All New Beer to Gold Ratio!)

The price of gold has continued to move higher in 2020. So it’s time for another updated look at a number of gold and silver charts and gold ratios including: Shares versus Gold Ratio Gold Silver Ratio Housing to Gold Ratio OktoberFest Beer to Gold Ratio Dow/Gold Ratio The relationship between gold and shares is […]

Gold and Silver ChartFest – Update for 2016

See a comparison between August 2015 and July 2016 of: (Note: For a 2018 update of these charts see: Gold Ratios Update: Dow/Gold, NZ Housing to Gold, & Gold/Silver Ratio). Earlier today we posted a summary of a video that looked at the large moves in silver over the past week. And in particular the […]

Exit Strategies For When the Time Comes to Sell Gold and Silver

Exit Strategies For When the Time Comes to Sell Gold and Silver

We recently received this question from a reader… “I hope you don’t mind if I ask you some questions. I’ve been wondering to myself what happens when the price goes up. Like what point do I sell at? And then what? I know no one knows how high the prices will go so disregard my […]

Contrarians Wildest Dream Coming True

As we noted in our weekly email yesterday, gold mining shares held up well in late december when the USD gold price retested the June lows around $1180. You can see in the chart below that while gold dipped down to the $1180 mark on the last trading day of 2013, the Gold Miners Index […]

The Correction Isn’t Over, But Gold’s Headed to $20,000

This is one of the most comprehensive interviews on gold that we have read for sometime. There is no other way to put it other than it is an absolute must read. Luckily it is available for you to read now too as it was previously only for subscribers of Casey Research’s flagship letter the […]

Gold and Silver Vs Stocks and Real Estate – Where Are We in the Cycle?


An information packed video here from Mike Maloney looking at indicators such as the gold to housing and silver to housing ratios, plus the Dow (US stock market) to gold ratio. He answers questions posed by readers such as whether with house prices currently rising and gold and silver falling have we seen the top in both […]