Is it Too Late to Buy Gold? [Video]

Is it too late to buy gold

Is it Too Late to Buy Gold?

The NZ dollar price has risen over $500 per ounce since the start of 2020. So it’s not unreasonable to ask, is it too late to buy gold?

This video looks at a number of methods to try and place a value on gold and determine where the dollar price of it may go.


  • Gold backing of the dollar
  • Gold backing of debt
  • Comparing gold to shares and housing
  • Inflation adjusted prices
  • Plus what might do better than gold

These methods are worth following as they’ll also help you determine when you might trade your gold for another cheaper asset…

Here are the articles mentioned in the video:

Gold backing of the Fed balance sheet

Gold Backing to Debt ratio

Dow to gold ratio

Gold to housing ratio

Inflation adjusted gold and silver prices

Gold to silver ratio – Silver at 5000 year lows

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