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What Type of Silver Bar Should I Buy in 2024? – The Ultimate Guide to Silver Bars

What Type of Silver Bar Should I Buy? - The Ultimate Guide to Silver Bars

This article will help you decide what type of silver bar to buy in 2024. You’ll learn everything you need to know when buying silver bars including: So after looking at all the reasons as to why to buy silver, you’ve come to the conclusion now is the time to buy. You’ve also determined what […]

Exit Strategies For When the Time Comes to Sell Gold and Silver

Exit Strategies For When the Time Comes to Sell Gold and Silver

We regularly discuss the reasons for buying gold and silver. But what about when it comes time to sell gold and silver? A reader has been pondering this very question… “I hope you don’t mind if I ask you some questions. I’ve been wondering to myself what happens when the price goes up. Like what […]

SVB Bank Failure: Why Fractional Reserve Banking is Not the Problem


Learn some little known history about the birth of fractional reserve banking from silver storehouses and the importance of matching time deposits with loan duration… The failure (and subsequent bail out) of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has brought to light the significant weaknesses in the global banking system. A system where central banks determine the […]

The Strengthening NZ Dollar and How This Affects Gold Bought in NZ in 2021

The Strengthening NZ Dollar and How This Affects Gold Bought in NZ in 2021

Gold, Silver and NZ Dollar Exchange Rates: A Reader Question With the New Zealand dollar jumping sharply over the past couple of weeks (up over 4%), here’s a question you might also have been pondering. What is the point in buying bullion here in New Zealand if the NZ dollar remains strong or continues to […]

The Latest on Gold and Silver Manipulation Exposed

After last week’s flash crash in gold and silver, we pointed out that this wasn’t the first time we have seen what is likely to be manipulation of gold and silver. See: Deja Vu – Precious Metals Smashed Lower… Again Latest Precious Metals Manipulation Charges Manipulation has been proven in a court of law on […]

Investing in an “Infinite Q.E.” World

Prices and Charts Looking to sell your gold and silver? Visit this page for more information Buying Back 1oz NZ Gold 9999 Purity $1818 Buying Back 1kg NZ Silver 999 Purity $677 Gold and Silver Finally Correcting – Near Bottoming? Since a week ago NZD gold is down $40 per ounce or 1.72%. The coming correction we talked about then looks to […]

Silver Cycles and War Cycles

Last week a reader question prompted us to look into the impact of war on gold and silver prices. We stumbled across this excellent article today which looks specifically at silver and war cycles. We wrote mainly about gold and war, so this is an excellent follow on.  Interestingly their overall conclusion on the impact […]

The Sun Rises on the Precious Metals Sector

In New Zealand Dollar terms gold and silver clearly bottomed out well over a year ago. However in US Dollar terms this hasn’t been so clear cut. Here’s a bunch of charts that show even the US Dollar prices of gold and silver now indicate a major bull market is brewing in both metals. The […]

Silver Short-Squeeze Potential

Silver Short-Squeeze Potential

Last week we discussed the short covering going on in the silver futures market  and the possibility for a short squeeze developing in silver. The latest Commitment of Traders report data has given more support for this development. Adam Hamilton digs into the increased likelihood of a short squeeze developing due to what has transpired in […]

PAPER vs. PHYSICAL: The Amazing Amount Of Leverage In The Silver Market

Introduction We’ve written many times how it is currently the paper markets that set the price for gold and silver. So the demand for physical metal is not the main driver. This interesting article outlines just how significant this paper market is especially for silver. It also covers why the action in the cryptocurrency space […]