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Do You Want to Learn About Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies But Don’t Know Where to Start?

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For the new investor, the standard way of investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can be very confusing, complicated, and involve a high level of risk. There are many steps involved…   The Standard Way Of Investing In Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Part 1: Convert fiat currency (NZ Dollars) to Bitcoin Determine which Crypto exchange to use? […]

Bitcoin, Bubbles, Gold & Silver

Bitcoin, Bubbles, Gold & Silver

We haven’t heard from Darryl Schoon in a while. He’s back with some thoughts on bitcoin and why gold and silver are just about the only assets not to have reached bubble territory in quantitative easing crack-up boom…     BITCOIN, BUBBLES, GOLD & SILVER In January 2009, when bitcoin was released, its value was […]

RBNZ: Too Early to Say for Central Bank Digital Currency – Reading Between the Lines

RBNZ: Too Early to Say for Central Bank Digital Currency – Reading Between the Lines

Last week we reported on a bulletin from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. It discussed how a digital currency could be issued by a central bank and what the pros and cons of this would be. See: RBNZ on Central Bank Digital Currency and Negative Interest Rates  Yesterday the Reserve Bank Deputy Governor Geoff […]

RBNZ on Central Bank Digital Currency and Negative Interest Rates

RBNZ on Central Bank Digital Currencies and Negative Interest Rates

The RBNZ today released another article on digital currencies, this time looking at the pros and cons of a central bank issuing a digital currency. The article focuses on how a public digital currency might affect four key central bank functions: Currency distribution Payments Monetary stability Financial stability The article makes 6 assumptions in looking […]

The World’s First Government-Backed Cryptocurrency

Here’s an interesting discussion on government backed cryptocurrencies. Including a gold backed cryptocurrency and how when cryptocurrencies become easily exchangeable for gold it’s going to help the markets for both cryptos and gold…   Doug Casey on the World’s First Government-Backed Cryptocurrency Justin’s note: Venezuela just introduced its own cryptocurrency. That’s right… The country battling chronic […]

How to Buy Gold and Silver with Bitcoin

Bitcoin was modelled upon gold. So not surprisingly many people interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are also interested in buying gold and silver bullion. While Bitcoin has gained massively in price since its creation in 2009, it has also now become a widely accepted method of payment. Some people who have made significant profits in […]

RBNZ Cryptocurrency to Replace NZ Physical Currency with a Digital Alternative?

In researching another topic we stumbled across a report from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ)  on cryptocurrencies. We missed it back in November. It was titled: Crypto-currencies – An introduction to not-so-funny moneys It’s actually not a bad primer on cryptocurrencies for the uninitiated. The conclusion indicates that perhaps the RBNZ is not […]

Is it Time to Trade Your Gold in for Bitcoin?

This gives some thoughts as to what you should have first before buying the likes of bitcoin or junior gold and silver mining shares. Plus how gold and commodities have reached extreme undervaluation levels…   Is it Time to Trade Your Gold in for Bitcoin? From Justin Brill, Editor, Stansberry Digest: Originally posted at The Crux Is […]

Bitcoin – Plan Your Exit Strategy Now – Maybe With Gold

Here’s an opinion from someone who wrote a book on bitcoin. He makes the point: “I’m not calling the top. There is a bubble of people calling bitcoin a bubble. Normally bubbles end when the shoe shine boy gets in. This one is the other way round. The shoe shine boys got in early. This […]

Cryptocurrencies the Opposite Phase to Silver?

This Week: Where Are We in the Psychology of the Silver Market Cycle? Is Gold Losing Its Shine to Bitcoin? Danger: Nations and Central Planners Developing Cryptocurrencies What is the Hyperledger? Prices and Charts Looking to sell your gold and silver?Visit this page for more information Buying Back 1oz NZ Gold 9999 Purity $1722 Buying […]

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