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Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Reduction: What Impact Will it Have?

Last week the US Federal Reserve announced that it will finally begin shrinking its $4.5 trillion balance sheet. So what impact will the Federal Reserve balance sheet reduction have? We’ve taken note of a few opinions lately and have collated them below for you.   What is the Federal Reserve Balance Sheet and How Did […]

How to Create Your Personal Gold Standard

Many times in the past we’ve discussed the concept of becoming you own central bank or going on your own personal gold standard. Today Jim Rickards discusses this idea in depth. He shows you how to go on your own personal gold standard, even if the world never returns to one. Given the New Zealand Central […]

Gold Stocks Meet Mr. America

See why Trump’s nomination to be added to the US Federal Reserve board is likely to increase the velocity of money in the USA (and therefore globally), and why this will likely have a significant impact on gold and even more so on gold mining stocks…   Gold Stocks Meet Mr. America By Stewart Thomson […]

Visa Ups the War on Cash + How Governments Can Kill Cash

Visa Ups the War on Cash Following on from last weeks report on the expanding war on cash down under, the latest news is that credit card processor Visa and other payment networks want to abolish cash and cheques that compete with their credit and debit cards. In the USA, the card companies are offering thousands […]


It’s been a while since we heard from Darryl Schoon. His latest article looks at how the banker’s endgame is now accelerating. Plus Triffin’s Paradox, trade deficits and how Trump is likely to repeat the errors from the 1930’s. Then finally he discusses counterfeit coins and how to tell the difference between the counterfeit and […]

Fed Will Blink

Fed Will Blink

We always enjoy the dry but humorous writing of Bill Bonner. See why he believes even though the US central bank – the Fed – may be tightening it’s monetary policy currently, it won’t hesitate to revert to an easy money stance in the future… Fed Will Blink By Bill Bonner Justin’s note: Bill Bonner, […]

RBNZ Deputy Confirms Our Thoughts: Any Bank Depositor Bail-In Exemption Likely Minimal

Last week we discussed how the IMF has: “…recommended the government implement a $10,000 “de minimis” exemption to the current Open Bank Resolution (OBR) scheme (a.k.a. bank depositor haircut scheme). This would mean that each bank depositor would get $10,000 exempt from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s (RBNZ) depositor “haircut” policy if a bank […]

Is Silver a Better Value than Gold Right Now?

See why the paper silver markets are still the major determinant of the price of silver, but how this might be slowly changing. You’ll learn what factors could be causing this change in the silver market and what could change silver’s value in comparison to gold.   Is Silver a Better Value than Gold Right […]

A Massive Sell-Off Has Begun…

There is a lot of talk about the possibility of an impending stock market sell off. (May be a good reason why one will not come just yet perhaps?).  But there is a sell off going on currently pretty much unnoticed which could have a much bigger impact globally. Read on to learn what it […]

Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia, and the Petrodollar

We’ve written many times how the “death of the US dollar won’t necessarily happen in the form of a collapse as most people think. It will more likely be a series of steps that reduces the Dollars role as the global reserve currency. But there is still the chance that one of these steps could be quite sudden. Read on to see […]