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Australia Has 80 Tonnes of Gold, How Much Gold Does New Zealand Have in 2021?

It is interesting to see a mainstream news organisation in Australia reporting on the state of the Reserve Bank of Australia's gold reserves. The Wentworth Report's David Evan summarised and commented on an article published by "The Australian". First check out David's thoughts. After that we also share some disturbing information on the one and only [...]

NZers: Do You Hold Cash or Gold in the Coming [or Already Here?] Crisis?

NZers: Do You Hold Cash or Gold in the Coming Crisis?

Here’s some thoughts on the debate between holding cash or gold in an economic crisis. We look to be in the early stages of the crisis written about in 2015 right now… In our article last week titled, What Will the Impacts of the COVID19 Lockdown be on the Global and New Zealand Economy?, we […]

Even More on Issues With Australia’s Gold Holdings

Prices and Charts Looking to sell your gold and silver? Visit this page for more information Buying Back 1oz NZ Gold 9999 Purity $1872 Buying Back 1kg NZ Silver 999 Purity $708 NZD Gold Back Near Recent High Gold in NZ dollars is once again back near the recent almost 6 year high. Gold is proving to be very resilient. Since the run higher […]

5 Reasons Why Australia Is Facing Economic CRISIS & COLLAPSE!

5 Reasons Why Australia Is Facing Economic CRISIS & COLLAPSE!

5 Reasons Why Australia Is Facing Economic CRISIS & COLLAPSE! “Australia is just another domino which is set to fall in this global game of control. Central banks are engaging in MASS MANIPULATION of the stock market and of their individual currencies. Meanwhile, citizens are finding themselves in MAXIMUM levels of debt which they can’t […]

An Unconventional View on the Australian (and NZ) Dollar


We thought it was worth posting this article from Vern Gowdie of the Daily Reckoning Australia. While it actually references the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, its interest rate policy action of the past few months, and the New Zealand Dollar, this isn’t actually the reason we posted it. Rather it is for Vern’s view […]

Could These Currency Charts Indicate an Asia-Pacific Slow Down? – How Would This Affect New Zealand?

Most analysis we’ve read lately leans towards the kiwi dollar continuing to rise and reach parity with the USD dollar. But as we’ve mentioned a few times lately we’re not sure this is such a one way bet. Coincidentally last week in Chris Weber’s most recent report he touched on the performance of the Asia-Pacific […]

Gold Symposium 2013: Australia “The Lucky Country?”

A summary of remarks by Jordan Eliseo – ABC Bullion Chief Economist While Jordan Eliseo’s (Chief Economist for ABC Bullion) presentation from the 2013 Gold Symposium in Sydney specifically looked at Australia and what might be in store for it, we thought it was well worth sharing with you. Given that Australia remains New Zealand’s largest […]

Live Report from the Gold Symposium Sydney

Gold Survival Gold Article Updates Oct. 18, 2013   This week: Live from the Gold Symposium in Sydney Gold and Silver in NZ Dollars   We’re late getting our usual weekly email out as we’ve spent the past 2 days at the Gold Symposium in Sydney (we fly back late this afternoon). So we haven’t […]