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RBNZ Prepared to Print Money and Implement Negative Interest Rates in a Crisis – Banks Think It’s Now Possible Too

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ), issued a bulletin on 4 May 2018. The bulletin outlined 5 unconventional monetary policy plans the RBNZ could implement in case of a crisis. Including that the RBNZ is prepared to print money.   The bulletin entitled “Aspects of implementing unconventional monetary policy in New Zealand” outlined these 5 […]

Bill Bonner: Get Ready for the ‘Crack-Up Boom’

See how the 3 major economies in the world look to all be entering a tightening phase at about the same time. But how somewhat counterintuitively, this could lead to a “blow-out spree of money printing, borrowing, spending, and debt.” A.K.A. a ‘crack-up boom’… Get Ready for the ‘Crack-Up Boom’ By Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner […]

Zimbabwe: When the Black Market Becomes the Real Market

Here’s an important lesson about what really happens when a currency collapses. An interesting boots on the ground report from a country where the black market has been the real market for some time now… Zimbabwe: When the Black Market Becomes the Real Market By Jeff Thomas For many years, I’ve described black markets not […]

In Gold We Trust Report 2017

The excellent Ronnie Stoeferle and his partner at the asset management company Incrementum AG, Mark Valek, released their 2017 In Gold we Trust report on 1 June. As always there is a wealth of information contained in an easy to digest format. The “In Gold we Trust” report is considered the “gold standard of gold […]

When This All Blows Up…

In the past few weeks we’ve featured 2 previous articles from Chris Martenson. He’s back with the third part of this trilogy. So if you haven’t yet it might pay to check out the other two first:   The Mother Of All Financial Bubbles     The Coming Great Wealth Transfer   Then read on […]

A Global Money Printing Competition

Despite rising steadily since the start of the year, the sentiment towards gold and silver still seems not particularly positive. Despite the price looking like it bottomed out in December, rising but still being comparatively low to much of 2016, we are seeing very little buying of either metal currently. Below Stewart Thomson explains why […]

The Serious Warning No One’s Talking About

Is “helicopter money” coming to Japan? This article makes a very good argument as to why Japan might be the first major nation to try very soon.   This followed a visit to Japan from someone that was previously the world’s most powerful central banker… The Serious Warning No One’s Talking About By Justin Spittler […]

Doug Casey: This Country Is on the Cusp of a Real Disaster

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned we had a 100 Trillion Dollar note from Zimbabwe, and that these had turned into somewhat of a collectors item. Below Doug Casey tells us he carries one of these in his wallet as a conversation piece. Well recently he got to meet the man responsible for printing these […]

Why You Should Own Gold Before the Government Starts Handing Out Free Cash

Why You Should Own Gold Before the Government Starts Handing Out Free Cash

These days it seems every week brings more talk of helicopter money and free money handouts from governments across the globe. See who the latest big name economist is that is now trumpeting the benefits of “helicopter money” as an alternative to “quantitative easing”… Why You Should Own Gold Before the Government Starts Handing Out […]

Central Planners Are In A State of Panic – Japan’s black swan flaps its wings

- Japan’s black swan flaps its wings

You’ve no doubt heard the Bank of Japan announcement last week. If not, it was that they would increase their purchases of Japanese government bonds to 80 trillion yen (up from 60 – 70 trillion) and triple their purchases of stock funds to 3 trillion yen annually. This excellent article from Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity (who […]

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