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We haven’t heard from our friend Darryl Schoon in a while. But he’s back with some timely commentary on the US Federal Reserve Repo market. Are the current goings on similar to that of the liquidity crunch of 2007 in the lead up to the 2008 crisis?… ILLIQUIDITY & GOLD AND SILVER IN THE END […]

Gold Stocks Meet Mr. America

See why Trump’s nomination to be added to the US Federal Reserve board is likely to increase the velocity of money in the USA (and therefore globally), and why this will likely have a significant impact on gold and even more so on gold mining stocks…   Gold Stocks Meet Mr. America By Stewart Thomson […]

What’s Happening With Gold?

Here’s 3 reasons why gold has stumbled and drifted lower over the past week or so. Plus you’ll see how the US central bank, the Federal Reserve, is getting set to launch a “kamikaze mission” against the U.S. economy.  Then Jim Rickards shows you why gold has proven so resilient this year, despite strong head winds […]

Fed Will Blink

Fed Will Blink

We always enjoy the dry but humorous writing of Bill Bonner. See why he believes even though the US central bank – the Fed – may be tightening it’s monetary policy currently, it won’t hesitate to revert to an easy money stance in the future… Fed Will Blink By Bill Bonner Justin’s note: Bill Bonner, […]

Get Ready for a “Credit Implosion”

There is a sea change quietly underway in global financial markets. See what the former head of the biggest bond fund in the world thinks is going on in the bond markets currently. You’ll learn why he believes the US Federal Reserve is stuck between the “rock” of lowering interest rates and the “hard place” […]

When This All Blows Up…

In the past few weeks we’ve featured 2 previous articles from Chris Martenson. He’s back with the third part of this trilogy. So if you haven’t yet it might pay to check out the other two first:   The Mother Of All Financial Bubbles     The Coming Great Wealth Transfer   Then read on […]

Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia, and the Petrodollar

We’ve written many times how the “death of the US dollar won’t necessarily happen in the form of a collapse as most people think. It will more likely be a series of steps that reduces the Dollars role as the global reserve currency. But there is still the chance that one of these steps could be quite sudden. Read on to see […]

Janet, Government, And The Woodshed

Interest rates have had our attention lately. We’ve been keeping an eye on the rising US Treasury long bond rate. Earlier this week we also posted an article that looked at the recent move higher in LIBOR. In this piece Stewart Thomson has an interesting theory that it will be rising interest rates that really […]

Forget The Fed…Here’s the Key Interest Rate You Need to Be Watching

A few weeks ago we commented that perhaps the bond bubble has popped. See the article linked below: Has the Bond Bubble Popped? Interest Rates to Rise? Impact on Gold and Silver? We took a look at how long term US treasury bond interest rates had been rising since July. But there is also another […]

This Is How the Feds Will Ban Cash

We referenced a line from this Bill Bonner article a few weeks ago. But it’s worth checking out the whole PIECE for his theory as to how a ban on cash might be rolled out. Including what the cause may be and how the central planners will react… This Is How the Feds Will Ban […]