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What Good is a Bar of Gold If the Shelves Are Empty in 2024?

What Good is a Bar of Gold When the Shelves are Empty?

Demand for Larger Volumes of Emergency Food Increasing Back in January 2020 our sister website – Emergency Food NZ – saw a huge increase in sales of long life freeze dried emergency food. In hindsight, it seems a small group of people started to become concerned about the potential for the Corona Virus reaching these […]

What Type of Gold Bar Should I Buy? The 2024 Ultimate Guide

What type of Gold Bar to Buy

Here’s everything you need to know about what type of gold bar to buy in 2024. You’ll learn when to choose gold bars over gold coins, what size gold bar to buy and a whole lot more… Here’s How to Choose What Type of Gold Bar to Buy So you’ve considered the many reasons why […]

Choosing Between PAMP Suisse Gold & Silver vs Local NZ Gold & Silver Bars: Video

We’ve written about this topic previously as it is a common question people have. How to choose between the local New Zealand silver bars and New Zealand gold bars on offer and imported Suisse PAMP gold bars and PAMP silver bars? But for those people that prefer to watch and listen rather than read, we’ve […]

Why is a 1oz PAMP Gold Lady Fortuna Minted Bar Worth Less Than a Canadian Gold Maple Coin?

Why is 1oz PAMP Gold Lady Fortuna Minted Bar Worth Less Than a Canadian Gold Maple Coin?

Why is a 1oz PAMP Gold Lady Fortuna Minted Bar Worth Less Than a Canadian Gold Maple Coin? “How is it that the price of a 1oz PAMP Gold Lady Fortuna Minted Bar – PAMP Suisse with Certificate is consistently worth less than a 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple coin? Both are 1 ounce and […]

Ronni Stoerferle: Gold Break Out and Recession Approaching?

Interview with Ronni Stoerferle: Gold Break Out and Recession Approaching? Ronni Stoeferle of Incrementum AG is interviewed on commodity TV. He discusses how gold has likely broken out and the odds of a recession approaching. Here’s what is covered in this short but content filled interview:   Is this the breakout? Technical indicators look positive […]

Could a Capital Gains Tax on Property Increase Investment in Gold & Silver in NZ?

Plenty of talk in the media currently about a capital gains tax on property or even land taxes. A reader Stan has been mulling this over and asks: “Could the introduction of a capital gains tax on investment residential properties, make investing in silver/gold, a more attractive scenario to those then put off in taking […]

GoldSurvivalGuide’s Mission Explained

GoldSurvivalGuide Mission Explained

What We Stand For and Why Last week we announced some planned improvements and new services here at GoldSurvivalGuide. Many of these new features have come about as a result of feedback from you. This feedback included many compliments on our research and articles. So this has lead us to get clearer on exactly what we […]

Ronni Stoeferle: Retail Bullion Demand is Collapsing – What About in New Zealand?

See how retail gold investors have been behaving quite differently to big money investors. Discover how this compares to what’s happening in the New Zealand bullion market. Plus what the current headwinds and tailwinds for gold are. It’s been awhile since we shared any thoughts from the excellent Ronni Stoeferle of Incrementum and the In […]

Is Demand For Physical Gold Really Collapsing? Our Take…

Simon Black of SovereignMan.com had what turned out to be some controversial thoughts on physical gold demand this week. We’ll reprint his article below. We’ll then include a response from Dave Kranzler at investmentresearchdynamics.com who disagrees with much of Simon Blacks assertions. Then finally we chip in with our 2 cents worth on precious metals demand from […]

Infographic: Bullion Banking Mechanics

We recently discussed “What Causes Gold Prices To Rise?”. It is a big topic and a controversial and misunderstood one for that matter. But it is the paper markets where the price (for now at least) continues to be set. It’s a difficult topic to get your head around but this infographic does a good […]