Choosing Between PAMP Suisse Gold & Silver vs Local NZ Gold & Silver Bars: Video

We’ve written about this topic previously as it is a common question people have. How to choose between the local New Zealand silver bars and New Zealand gold bars on offer and imported Suisse PAMP gold bars and PAMP silver bars?

But for those people that prefer to watch and listen rather than read, we’ve also converted the previous article into a short video which explains the pros and cons of PAMP versus local gold and silver. Along with giving some ideas as to how to decide between the two.

If you prefer the written word and you haven’t read the previous article yet, then see the link below:

PAMP Suisse Gold / Silver vs Local NZ Gold / Silver: Which should I buy?

And if you’d like to see more videos from us leave us a comment below as to what topics you’d like to see covered.

For more on selecting the right type of gold bar to buy see:What Type of Gold Bar Should I Buy?

Otherwise onto the video…

The video discusses the benefits or travelling with the likes of a PAMP gold bar. But if you’re worried about travelling with gold then check out this post: Carrying Gold into a Foreign Country. What are the Rules?

Editors Note: Originally posted 28 November 2012. Last updated 29 October 2019

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3 thoughts on “Choosing Between PAMP Suisse Gold & Silver vs Local NZ Gold & Silver Bars: Video

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