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What Good is a Bar of Gold When the Shelves are Empty?

What Good is a Bar of Gold When the Shelves are Empty?

Demand for Emergency Food Again Rising In January 2020 our sister website – Emergency Food NZ – saw a huge increase in sales of long life freeze dried emergency food. In hindsight, it seems a small group of people started to become concerned about the potential for the Corona Virus reaching these shores much earlier […]

GoldSurvivalGuide’s Mission Explained

GoldSurvivalGuide Mission Explained

What We Stand For and Why Last week we announced some planned improvements and new services here at GoldSurvivalGuide. Many of these new features have come about as a result of feedback from you. This feedback included many compliments on our research and articles. So this has lead us to get clearer on exactly what we […]

Where Do You Go in a Hurricane?

This article compares preparing for a financial storm with preparing for an actual hurricane of various strengths. It ranks where different countries – from USA, Europe to Australia and NZ – might sit on the financial hurricane spectrum and what life might be like there when a financial storm of various magnitudes hits. Read on […]

Surviving and Thriving During an Economic Collapse

See why we are overdue for the next monetary crisis and what some of the ramifications of this will be… Surviving and Thriving During an Economic Collapse By Nick Giambruno In just over a century, the international monetary system has collapsed three times: in 1914, in 1939, and in 1971, when Nixon severed the dollar’s […]

Who is Roota?” – Bix Weir’s Anarchapulco Presentation Part 1

Bix Weir gives a summary of his presentation from Jeff ’Berwick’s Anarchapulco Conference on this week. Weir has what to some will seem like really “out there” theories on who is behind the manipulation of financial markets. It’s tough to summarise 13 years of research into a few minutes but he has a good crack […]

The World’s First Cashless Society Is Here – A Totalitarian’s Dream Come True

- A Totalitarian's Dream Come True

We’ve been writing a lot about negative interest rates in recent weeks. One way that central planners can ensure that these have the desired effect is by eliminating the ability for citizens to hoard and use cash. See how one country in particular is well on the way to doing this and which others are following suit. […]

How Can There Not Be a Currency Crisis?

How Can There Not Be a Currency Crisis?

Below you can see well known financial blogger Mish Shedlock’s full presentation from the recent Casey Research Summit. He covers a lot of ground including will we see inflation or deflation, velocity of money and why he thinks there’s no chance of hyperinflation, and what to buy to prepare. He also makes a mention of New […]

Meltdown America – Are You Prepared For the Coming Collapse?

This documentary features an interesting mix of people being interviewed. Not just the usual economists and hard money experts, but real people that have lived through monetary troubles in a number of different countries. Well worth a watch we reckon… Meltdown America – Are You Prepared For the Coming Collapse? By Casey Research “I think […]

A Crisis vs. THE Crisis: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

We recently had a conversation with someone where they thought gold had only risen this year because of the troubles in the Ukraine. We pointed out that it had been rising since the end of 2013 before there was much talk of Ukraine at all. But that the escalation had likely pushed gold higher and […]


Darryl Schoon discusses how his favourite futurist Buckminster Fuller predicted a major financial crisis but how he also predicted a much better tomorrow to follow… HOW IT WILL END The amount of debt globally has soared more than 40 percent to $100 trillion since the first signs of the financial crisis as governments borrowed to […]