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Reality Check Radio “Up Your Brave” Interview with Gold Survival Guide

Gold Survival Guide interview with Natalie Cutler-Welsh Up Your Brave

Gold Survival Guide Co-Founder Glenn Thomas was recently interviewed by Natalie Cutler-Welsh on her “Up Your Brave” show on Reality Check Radio. Natalie asks great questions so hopefully that produced some decent answers! The wide ranging interview covers: Reality Check Radio continues to grow in popularity so we’d encourage you to check out other interviews […]

What Percentage of Gold and Silver Should Be in My Portfolio? [2023 Update]

What Percentage of Gold and Silver Should Be in My Portfolio?

Once you’ve decided to buy some gold or silver, a common question to then ask is: How much should I invest In precious metals? Or put another way, what percentage of gold (and silver) should be in my portfolio? Here’s what’s covered in this article: We’ve received a number of questions from our readers on […]

Gold & Silver Performance: 2022 in Review & Our Punts for 2023


It’s time for our annual review of the performance of gold and silver in New Zealand dollars. We’ll also look back on our predictions from the start of 2022. Then finish off by making a few guesses as to what 2023 might hold in store for us… 2022 was a terrible year for most investment […]

What to Do With Your Money When Doom Awaits – Asset Allocation

Here in New Zealand, real estate is the heavily most favoured investment class. Pretty much to the exclusion of everything else for the vast majority of the country we’d imagine. But there are many other assets to consider owning that serve different purposes. Below Dan Denning (who we’ve heard speak well at the Sydney Gold Symposium a […]

Could a Capital Gains Tax on Property Increase Investment in Gold & Silver in NZ?

Plenty of talk in the media currently about a capital gains tax on property or even land taxes. A reader Stan has been mulling this over and asks: “Could the introduction of a capital gains tax on investment residential properties, make investing in silver/gold, a more attractive scenario to those then put off in taking […]

GoldSurvivalGuide’s Mission Explained

GoldSurvivalGuide Mission Explained

What We Stand For and Why Last week we announced some planned improvements and new services here at GoldSurvivalGuide. Many of these new features have come about as a result of feedback from you. This feedback included many compliments on our research and articles. So this has lead us to get clearer on exactly what we […]

Coming Soon: New Features and Improvements at GoldSurvivalGuide

We’ve been paying attention to your feedback in recent months. As a result we have a number of improvements and new services and features coming out soon. So today we thought we’d share the first of these with with you. We’d love to hear your feedback on these and we also invite you to send […]


It’s been a while since we heard from Darryl Schoon. His latest article looks at how the banker’s endgame is now accelerating. Plus Triffin’s Paradox, trade deficits and how Trump is likely to repeat the errors from the 1930’s. Then finally he discusses counterfeit coins and how to tell the difference between the counterfeit and […]

Gold And Silver: Respect The Bar

Stewart Thomson argues that commercial players are back buying silver and so the current price is right in a zone where silver bugs should be buyers too. He also delves into the demand for silver in China and gold in India… Gold And Silver: Respect The Bar Graceland Updates By Stewart Thomson At about 4:00am […]

The Best Way to Protect Yourself From Out-of-Control Governments

Here’s how with proper planning, you can greatly reduce the risk your home government presents to your financial and personal well-being. You’ll see how there are four core areas to consider, some of which you may not have thought about before : your savings, your citizenship, your income, and your digital presence… The Best Way […]