Coming Soon: New Features and Improvements at GoldSurvivalGuide

We’ve been paying attention to your feedback in recent months. As a result we have a number of improvements and new services and features coming out soon.

So today we thought we’d share the first of these with with you.

We’d love to hear your feedback on these and we also invite you to send in any further ideas too. (Go here to do that).


New Website Coming Soon

We have a new website hopefully due out in the next few weeks.

This will have a simpler layout. It will include better search, making it easier to find past content to answer questions you may have.

It will also have improved online ordering along with an expanded product range. Plus we intend to have more specials and limited time deals like the few we’ve had recently.


Available Now: Browser Push Notifications

Odds are you may not have any idea what these are!

But you may get push notifications currently if you use the likes of Facebook. When you have a web browser open on your computer these pop out notifications appear in the corner of your screen. Notifying you of new content and updates from the company concerned.

How to Allow Push Notifications on the Gold Survival Guide website

You’ll want to receive these if you’d like to be kept up to date whenever we post new articles and research. Or when we have new deals then choose “Allow Notifications”.

See this post for more details on how to enable these if you haven’t already.


Coming Soon: Smartphone App

We are soon to launch our Smartphone App. Initially for Android only but Apple should soon follow that.

This will let you keep up to date with gold and silver prices, and our research articles and videos. Plus it will connect you to our product order page. You’ll also receive text notifications of new content we publish and be the first to hear about any limited time deals we have going.

So keep an eye out for further posts about these changes as they are launched. Or subscribe below if you haven’t already so you’ll be kept up to date with these new happenings.


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