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How Does War Affect the Gold and Silver Price?


How might a war between Israel and Hamas affect the gold and silver price? See what can be learnt from past wars and how they impacted precious metals prices… War and Gold and Silver Prices There have been a number of wars started or threats of war in recent years. So how have each of […]

What is a Troy Ounce? Troy Ounce vs Standard Ounce

What is a troy ounce?

What is a troy ounce? Why is gold and silver measured in troy ounces? Are they different from a standard or avoirdupois ounce? You’ll be an expert on the weights of precious metals by the end of this article… What is a Troy Ounce? The troy ounce is the unit of measure used for precious […]

Coming Soon: New Features and Improvements at GoldSurvivalGuide

We’ve been paying attention to your feedback in recent months. As a result we have a number of improvements and new services and features coming out soon. So today we thought we’d share the first of these with with you. We’d love to hear your feedback on these and we also invite you to send […]

Rickards: No, This Won’t Cause a Gold Shock (Something Else I’ve Just Exposed Will)

In this piece Jim Rickards hints at what he thinks might cause a much higher run in gold without actually covering it specifically. Read on to the end and we’ll be back to fill you in… The market has the technical setup for the greatest gold shock in history. When it rocks markets, gold will […]

In Gold We Trust 2016 – Out Now!

Last week Ronni Stoeferle and his partner at Incrementum Mark Valek released their “In Gold We Trust 2016” Report. We look forward to this report every year and set aside some time to digest it. If you were lucky you may have had the chance to meet Ronni back in 2013 when he made a […]

US$ Gold Dips to New Low – Now What?

US$ Gold Dips to New Low - Now What?

Overnight Tuesday, gold in US dollars closed below the July low of $1080. It dipped to a low of $1065.60 by late morning New York time before closing higher on $1069.30 for a daily decline of around $15 per ounce. You can see in the chart below this is a clear break below the July lows. […]

Silver & Gold Price: The Breakdown


Mike Maloney gives a breakdown of the action in silver and gold prices over the past few days. He covers: – Why he believes this current fall in prices is part of the deflationary fall before the inflationary rise that he has expected for many years. – How it’s partly deflationary implosion but also part […]

7 Reasons to (Still) Buy Gold


Gold is still a long way from the highs it reached back in 2011 of almost US$1900 per ounce. So there are not too many people outside the gold community that think now is a good time to be buying. But counterintuitively this probably makes it exactly the time to buy! Here’s 7 reasons to buy […]

Gold & Silver in NZ Dollars: 2014 in Review & Some Prognostications for 2015


The New Year is here and the sun is shining across the length and breadth of New Zealand it seems! While many are still lazing on the beach, we take our usual look back at how gold and silver performed in NZ dollars during the past year. Then we’ll have a crack, as always, at […]

Another Gold Indicator Flashing Buy – 80% Gains Ahead?

We just read this interesting article from Stansberry & Associates Jeff Clark (not to be confused with Casey Research’s Jeff Clark whose articles we also sometimes feature). headlined: Gold Soared 80% the Last Time This Indicator Flashed “Buy” It got us thinking about how this same gold indicator might look for gold in NZ Dollars. […]