Silver & Gold Price: The Breakdown


Mike Maloney gives a breakdown of the action in silver and gold prices over the past few days.

He covers:

– Why he believes this current fall in prices is part of the deflationary fall before the inflationary rise that he has expected for many years.

– How it’s partly deflationary implosion but also part manipulation.

– How massive derivative positions by some banks are allowing them to “corner” the precious metals markets.

– His views on China’s recent gold reserves announcement.

– How back in 2008 when gold and silver plunged, how you couldn’t buy them at these prices as premiums had risen so high due to shortages of gold and silver products.

– How gold is still the best performing asset this century.

– How he expects gold in US dollars to fall below $1000 but how he doesn’t think you’ll be able to buy it at this price.

– And how it will likely rise much more sharply in the future due to this fall.

Here are the links to the articles he mentions in the video:

Our Perspective

Much of this makes sense to us too. However bear in mind that this is discussing gold in US dollar terms, which is currently at new lows. Whereas here in New Zealand dollars gold is still well above last years lows.

Check out our article this week for our views on the NZ Dollar gold price.

How Much Further Might Gold Fall – What About in NZ Dollars?

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