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Silver and the Great Future of Mexico

The latest from our “favourite billionaire” Hugo Salinas Price is a speech he recently delivered to the Russian Embassy in Mexico. He delves into his plan for a particular type of silver coin that Mexico should produce and how it would be in great demand if they did. The really interesting thing is that he […]

Silver Short-Squeeze Potential

Silver Short-Squeeze Potential

Last week we discussed the short covering going on in the silver futures market  and the possibility for a short squeeze developing in silver. The latest Commitment of Traders report data has given more support for this development. Adam Hamilton digs into the increased likelihood of a short squeeze developing due to what has transpired in […]

NZD Silver Bottom is Here – Technical and Sentiment Analysis

Yep we’re going to say it. Silver in NZ dollars looks to have bottomed. We’ll show you why from a technical and sentiment perspective a NZD silver bottom looks likely to us. Plus why there could be some hefty moves for silver ahead. NZD Silver Technicals To us silver in New Zealand Dollars or even for […]

Chartist: Silver About to Bottom? Doesn’t Matter if You’re Buying in NZ Dollars

Charting “guru” Chris Kimble this week had a long term silver chart that posits the theory that silver is very close to having bottomed out. This chart and his discussion refers to silver in US Dollars. Afterwards we’ll have a longer term NZD silver chart for you with our thoughts too. Here’s Chris: Silver; Bottoming […]

Silver – Once and Future Money

A common question: silver or gold? Our answer is usually an “and” rather than an “or”.  You’ve likely heard Jim Rickards view that gold will reach US$10,000 or more eventually in this cycle. But we haven’t often heard him discussing “poor mans gold” very often.  He recently said: “I rarely discuss silver. Some assume I dislike […]

The Silver Ruble Coin for Russia

Our preferred monetary system is one chosen “by the people”. We’ve discussed this numerous times such as here. But we highly doubt this will be voluntarily allowed by the powers that be. Not without some kind of collapse of the status quo.   Hugo Salinas Price has an idea about how the current monetary system may […]

NZ Dollar Outlook + Impact on NZ Gold & Silver Prices

NZ Dollar Outlook + Impact on NZ Gold & Silver Prices

Last October we wondered whether we had seen a trend change with the US Dollar starting to weaken. Or rather for us here in New Zealand, the Kiwi Dollar starting to strengthen. We thought it was time to check back in on this theory as it indeed seems to have been the case. Below is […]

The (Silent) Summer Silver Spike

The (Silent) Summer Silver Spike

The end of this silver bear market will be marked by default in the physical silver market. A bold statement that Chris Duane makes in his latest video below. He covers a good deal of ground in this video. We summarise it below for you and also give our perspective at the end: —Why you […]

The Next Silver Bull May Have Already Started

Shows how the next silver bull market may have already begun

After some thoughts on silver based upon hard numbers? This article looks at silver supply, demand and possible impacts of the US dollar and US Federal Reserve moves on silver. The writer doesn’t believe the Gold / Silver ratio offers much for investors. However with it close to record highs (meaning it is taking a lot […]

Interesting Historical Comparisons in the Valuation of Silver


We’ve featured Chris Duane and others who have looked at historical valuations and comparisons of silver in the past (Check out the related posts at the end for some of these). This video below covers a number of historical comparisons in the valuation of silver such as what it bought in the past or what […]