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Societal Breakdown: Are Gold and Silver Coins Better Than Tradable Items Like Tools, Water and Wine?

Following on from another post: What is the Best Type of Gold to Buy For Trading in a Currency Collapse?, we have a new but related question. Why would you buy gold or silver coins over other potentially more useful or tradable everyday items? The full question was: “Considering the variety of things that might […]

Should I Buy Legal Tender (Face Value) Gold and Silver Coins?

Should I Buy Legal Tender (Face Value) Gold and Silver Coins?

In this post you’ll learn all about legal tender gold coins and silver coins including: What is a legal tender silver or gold coin? Why are they given the specific face value they have? What use would these legal tender coins be in a currency collapse situation? Should I buy legal tender gold and silver […]

PAMP Suisse Gold / Silver vs Local NZ Gold / Silver: Which Should I Buy?

From the first time buyer of gold or silver, a question we often get is: “How do I choose between buying PAMP Suisse gold and silver bars versus local New Zealand refined gold and silver bars?” A short answer would be that local N.Z. refined gold and silver bars are bought the majority of our [...]

Should I Buy Gold and Silver Coins or Bars?


Here’s all you need to know about choosing between gold and silver coins or bars…   Should I Buy Gold Coins or Should I Buy Gold Bars? It’s a very common question for new gold buyers.  And one we hear a lot. Same goes for buying silver coins versus buying silver bars.  Confusion often reigns […]

How a Silver Coin Could Circulate Today and Protect Citizens Purchasing Power

A few articles in one today. But all related to the topic of how a silver coin could be put back into circulation. First up, see what happened to Mexican silver coins that had a currency value that quickly was overtaken by depreciation of the peso. How the coins were melted into bullion for sale […]

Silver Maple Monster Box – The Complete Guide

Silver Maple Monster Box – 500 x 1oz Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Leaf Coins   A Silver Maple Monster box is one of the best value ways of buying the popular 1oz silver maple leaf coins in bulk. First produced in 1988 by the Royal Canadian Mint, the Silver Maple Leaf (SML) was the […]

How to Win A Silver Coin Every Month

Great questions make for interesting answers. We’ve had a few excellent questions over the past month. So we figured why not reward those who come up with them? How would you like to learn how you can win a silver coin? Ask a Great Question – Win a Silver Coin Every month we’re giving away […]

Silver and the Great Future of Mexico

The latest from our “favourite billionaire” Hugo Salinas Price is a speech he recently delivered to the Russian Embassy in Mexico. He delves into his plan for a particular type of silver coin that Mexico should produce and how it would be in great demand if they did. The really interesting thing is that he […]

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