Silver Maple Monster Box – The Complete Guide

Silver Maple Monster Box – 500 x 1oz Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Leaf Coins


A Silver Maple Monster box is one of the best value ways of buying the popular 1oz silver maple leaf coins in bulk.

First produced in 1988 by the Royal Canadian Mint, the Silver Maple Leaf (SML) was the world’s first ever 99.99% pure bullion coin. As a result it has been a highly sought after 1 ounce silver bullion investment coin every year since.

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Details of the Coin in the Silver Maple Leaf Monster Box

Silver Maple Leaf 1oz Coin ObverseThe Silver Maple Leaf is minted with one troy ounce (31.11 grams) of 9999 fine silver. It has a face value of CAD$5, the highest face value on the market for any comparable silver bullion coin.

The obverse face of the silver maple features the beautiful side-profile portrayal of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – Susanna Blunt created this portrait in 2003. Just below the portrait is the face value of the coin and year of issue.


While on the reverse side, the centre of the coin showcases the iconic Maple Leaf. Along with the purity and weight.Silver Maple Leaf 1oz Coin Reverse

Most noteworthy on this reverse, the maple leaf also features a laser engraved “17” marking the year of issue, visible only through magnification. This is one part of the unique enhanced security features incorporated into the silver maple since 2014.


2017 Silver Maple Leaf Bullion Coin Unique Security Features

The radial lines in the new 2017 Silver Maple Leaf’s field have been precisely machined to within microns on the master tooling to ensure reproducibility from die to die and coin to coin. The uniqueness of the line width and pitch gives this coin a characteristic look, and creates a light diffracting pattern that is specific to this coin. Combined with a new visual security feature —a textured maple leaf micro engraved with laser technology on a small area of the reverse side, with the numeral “17” denoting the coin’s year of issue—this coin represents the cutting edge in coin security.


Silver Maple Monster Box - sealed box with Royal Canadian Mint strappingSilver Maple Leaf Coin Specifications:

Content: 500 Troy ounces
Diameter: 38.0 mm
Thickness: 3.29 mm
Purity: .9999
Face Value: $5.00 CAD
Obverse bears Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait.
Reverse includes the iconic maple leaf design.

Silver Maple Monster Box Specifications:

The Silver Maple Monster box’s dimensions are 245mm x 200mm x 120mm, and it weighs a total 17.213 kg. The monster boxes come sealed from the mint with Royal Canadian Mint strapping ensuring authenticity.

Within the Silver Maple Monster Box are 20 individual tubes containing 25 coins each. So the monster box contains a total of 500 one ounce Canadian maple leaf silver coins in pristine condition.

Note: The BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) classification of the monster box coins means they have no signs of wear and tear. However there may be minor flaws such as breaks in the luster, spotted surfaces, and contact marks present from the striking process at the mint.


Why is the Silver Maple Monster Box So Popular?

Here are some of the benefits that precious metals buyers see in the Silver Maple Monster Box:

> Affordability – buying coins in monster box bulk lots of 500 is the best value way to buy silver coins. And the silver maple coin is usually cheaper than the other popular bullion coins, the US Mint Silver Eagle or the Austrian Philharmonic.

> Purity – as already noted the silver maple was the first silver coin to be minted with .9999 purity

> Credibility – The silver maple comes from one of the most recognised government mints. As explained earlier, it has unique dual security features: 1. Micro-laser engraved radial lines are visible on both sides of the coin. 2. The reverse includes an additional maple leaf privy mark, inside of which you’ll find the year of issue visible only under magnification.

> Beauty – a classic design which includes a unique light diffracting pattern

> Always in demand – So silver maple monster boxes are readily bought back worldwide. The silver maple could also be of use to exchange in a currency collapse situation. See this for more: What Use Will Silver Coins be in New Zealand in a Currency Collapse?

> Divisibility – Many people purchase silver coins for the fact they can be sold in the future in small lots compared to say a 1kg silver bar.

> Legal Tender Sovereign Coin – The Silver Maple has a face value of $5. See this article for more on legal tender coins: What to Make of Legal Tender (Face Value) Gold and Silver Coins?


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Official Video of the Silver Maple Leaf from the Royal Canadian Mint

This official video from the Royal Canadian Mint shows off the beauty and features of the Silver Maple Leaf Coin. (Note: It is the 2014 coin, but is largely unaltered since then.)